How do I Manage or Protect Influencer Exclusivity?

0:00 I want exclusivity. My B2B influencer should never talk about, touch, even look at the other competing brands, I only want them to work with me.



0:20 How can I ask my influencers to be exclusive to me, to only be mentioning me, and never my competitors?



0:31 Oftentimes that request and that dialogue is coming from the legal department within an organization. 



2:01 We would counsel, as much as possible: shorten the timeframe in which you expect that influencer to be exclusive to you.



3:01 So, think about the way you’re guiding your internal team, and you’re setting forth examples of how influencers who are actually talking about you and your competitors, and how that brings more value to the marketplace, because a rising tide lifts all ships



3:48 Think about the shortest time frame possible to actually require exclusivity, and then know you’re really probably not working on establishing a platform of a long-term relationship.


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