How Should I Execute a B2B Influencer Marketing Pilot Campaign?

0:10 Can’t necessarily justify or actually bring in the concept of an ongoing influencer program?


0:33 Rather, they’ve got buy-in to execute a campaign, and that’s great news, so they start the program

1:41 Can you do a global influencer marketing program? You absolutely can. Should you start your first campaign with global influencers? Mm, maybe not.

2:38 Now, when the campaign starts to move forward are these influencers going to partner to amplify themselves and each other, and your brand?

3:30 Keep it very tight around a single message pillar, a very single concept, and then bring in a tight tribe of influencers who ideally have a shared point of view.


  • Influencers typically have buy in to execute a campaign.
  • Starting a global influencer marketing campaign might not always be the correct strategic decision.
  • Are the influencers going to be partners?
  • Create a tribe with a shared point of view