Success is a Habit Not an Experiment

As B2B marketers navigate what marketing looks like in 2020 and beyond, the promise of improving reach, engagement and purchase intent through influencer collaboration is getting a lot of attention. 


But many B2B marketers are wondering what kind of influencer engagement models can create the best results. Should brands activate influencers for marketing campaigns as they need them, or should they engage influencers on an ongoing basis to build relationships and grow advocacy? Or something else?


The answer can be found in research from our 2020 State of B2B Influencer Marketing Report:  60% of marketers who use always-on influencer marketing programs are very successful vs. only 5% who do periodic campaigns.


What B2B brands need to understand is that Influencer Marketing is a relationship business. Marketers who treat influencer engagements as transactions, like an advertising buy, simply don’t see the same marketing performance as when influencers are engaged, nurtured and inspired to advocate for the brand. 


So, as you think about how to help your B2B business become more successful through Influencer Marketing, think of it less as an experiment and more like a habit that is built into your content marketing best practices and community engagement efforts. 


When you build genuine relationships with influencers that share your brand values and interests, they’ll align with your brand through content shared to their communities. And when that happens, everybody wins.  


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