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The 4 P’s of B2B Podcasting Success

Podcast marketing is essential for B2B firms that want to engage their target market with audio content whenever – and wherever – they are listening.

B2B companies are looking to new types of media to engage their busy, somewhat distracted prospects. And the stats show us why:

  • Americans reading for personal interest is down 19% since 2003
  • The average time spent on an article is 37 seconds
  • The number of Americans who listen to podcasts is up 32% since 2008
  • The average time spent listening to a podcast is 35 minutes.

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b2b webinar

What are the 4 P’s of B2B Podcast Marketing Success?

The formula for creating and marketing a successful B2B podcast is similar to other pieces of your content marketing strategy: Podcast content must be relevant to your audience, consistently produced, high quality and (if you’re really smart about it) integrated with industry influencers.

Beyond that, there are 4 key factors to keep top of mind when marketing your business podcast:

1. Planning: Quality content requires a solid plan that maps out what topics you will discuss (and with whom), why that content maps back to brand objectives or content pillars, and when it will be released. After all, a failure to plan is a plan to fail.

2. Production: Ensuring that you have the best quality audio means you have to keep up with podcast production best practices. This doesn’t mean spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a podcast studio – you just need a solid wifi connection, a good microphone and some professional audio editing software.

3. Publishing: The days where you could simply publish new content and expect users and searchers to find it are long behind us. Publishing is key to your podcast marketing strategy in a few ways: Making sure you’re on the right distribution channels, and making sure you’re publishing at a consistent cadence so return listeners know when to expect (and look for) new content.

4. Promotion: If you’re proud of something, you naturally want to brag about it! The same goes for your podcast content. Make sure you have a promotion plan, which includes content optimization, social promotion, paid media and relevant influencer activation and coverage.
Sounds easy, right? The trick to podcast marketing is consistency and dedication. Ready to see some examples of awesome B2B podcast promotion to get your inspiration wheels turning? Watch the on-demand webinar!