What is the Difference Between B2B and B2C Influencer Marketing

0:10 B2C influencer marketing is far different from B2B.


0:40 It’s much easier for influencers who have a passion about something that’s B2C oriented, to output content and have it be very transactionally acted upon.


1:00 B2B products often can’t be purchased via a shopping cart, and therefore that buying journey is really-really different.


1:20 Really think about your entire sales journey, how often does a sales person actually need to develop a list, figure out who knows your contacts, figure out how to outreach to that prospect, and then do they call up and sell the product?


2:31 So, far different from video views and shopping cart completions, B2B marketing we often look at the full funnel, what does that journey look like, and where are you inserting partnerships with your various types of influencers along that journey?


2:52 We can look at KPIs where we start to move down the funnel a little bit more, how often is that content, that shared message being viewed? 


  • How often is that content, that shared message, actually being found on Google or YouTube? 
  • If we boost that content with paid, what does that type of conversion look like, and does conversion mean?
  • Are we moving to the bottom of the funnel? Likely we’re not, likely we’re moving to the next phase of that full funnel journey with your buyer.

3:50 So then we might, in partnership with the influencer, really clarify what that journey looks like.


4:13 Perhaps we’re moving your buyers through the funnel, and we actually want them to consume data from analysts within the space, we want them to understand where you fit in terms of the magic quadrant.


4:47 Okay, we’re moving further through the funnel, we might then start to look at typical Google analytics, where we’re looking at time on page, scroll depth, and then we’re looking at KPIs like click rates.


6:17 So why are we as digital marketers trying to match influencers up to a B2C model in a B2B world?


  • For influencers, B2C marketing is highly transactional
  • The buying journey for B2B products is longer
  • B2C buying journeys are often shorter and involve fewer steps
  • There are more contact points in making a B2B sale than in B2C
  • When looking at B2B marketing we look at the funnel in its entirety
  • Analytics and measurement fuel the decisions in our analysis


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