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Marketing Analytics

If you’re still splashing around in vanity metrics, let us take you on a data deep dive. Our analysis and reporting can uncover powerful insights and demonstrate the true value your team brings to your brand.

Brands Are Struggling to Measure Their Marketing

  • Only 36% of marketers say they’re excellent or very good at measuring ROI [CMI]
  • On average, only 53% of decisions are influenced by marketing analytics [Gartner]
  • Just 54% of marketers are confident they can measure ROI across channels [Nielsen]

We help B2B brands:


Measure your ROI in dollars and cents as well as likes and shares. We can help prove the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and tell the story to the rest of your organization.

  • We work with clients to create custom reporting they can share directly with their executives
  • Our team of experts use a broad range of analytics tools, including Google and Adobe Analytics
  • We’re helping large-scale B2B clients transition to GA4 and get the most out of its new capabilities

There are too many channels for marketers to be everything to everyone. Focus your resources on what’s working best—and get insights to improve what isn’t. 

Our custom reporting brings accuracy, relevance and clarity to complex data. This makes it easier to strategize, allocate resources, and achieve better results. And we’ll help you show off your progress with reports executives can understand at a glance.


The most accurate benchmarks for your brand’s future come from analyzing where you are now. Our team can create a functional portrait of your current state that makes it easy to strategize for the future and demonstrate growth down the road. 

Our services include:

  • Development of meaningful benchmarks
  • Measurement of KPI performance against benchmarks
  • Month over month and year over year changes
  • Recommended next steps

Ready to Elevate Your B2B Marketing?

Elevate Your B2B Marketing Measurement and Analysis

Marketing is a game of inches—it’s making minor improvements that add up to major results. It starts with careful measurement of metrics that actually make a difference. Then it’s taking the results, analyzing them for insights, and making adjustments for the next go-round.

Our expert team brings years of experience with digital marketing, measurement and optimization to elevate your measurement and analysis. Get the insights you need to get better results, report up to the C-suite, and keep improving over time.

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