April 2013

What is Content? 40+ Marketers Weigh in for #whatthefoc

Ask any group of digital marketers what content actually means and you’re guaranteed to get as many different answers as you have people! We asked marketers across the TopRank social community to tell us what content means to them, in order to kick off a discussion about #whatthefoc – the future of content. This month, TopRank CEO Lee Odden will share his vision of the future of content at the 2013 MIMA Summit, April 17 in Minneapolis.

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What is Content? 40+ Marketers Weigh In for #whatthefoc


Internet Buzz: Get in the Know

New-AnalyticsGoogle Releases Next-Generation Infographic on how Search Works

Google released an interactive, next-generation infographic to explain how search works. Viewers are guided down the page, with clickable areas to pop-up text explanations of their visual points. The infographic walks readers through crawling and indexing, algorithms and fighting spam (they fight spam 24/7, it proclaims). Behind your simple page of results is a complex system, carefully crafted and tested, to support more than one-hundred billion searches each month, according to Google.

clickzTwo More Major Brands Move to Newsroom Model
Chase Platinum Business and Virgin Mobile USA are two more big brands investing in content marketing and partnering with those that already have an audience, like Business Insider. Content consumption across multiple mediums isn’t slowing, making it essential for brands – large and small – to develop a variety of content that will attract and engage their audiences.

Elephant-Ivory-AdsFacebook Redesigns Newsfeed
Substantial changes to the Facebook Newsfeed were officially announced this month. CEO Mark Zuckerberg compared the new look and feel to a newspaper, which is a far cry from his vision of another core Facebook element – Timeline – as a “scrapbook,” as he said when Timeline was first announced in 2011. Facebook is gradually rolling out the redesign to all users.

cmoNearly Two-Thirds of Companies Do Not Use Autoresponders [Study]
Are marketers missing out? This new study indicates nearly 25% of companies don’t have forms on their site to collect visitor information. Only  37% of companies are leveraging auto-responders as a follow-up element after someone has filled out a form. This is another missed opportunity to engage the visitor and call them to an additional action or prompt them to connect socially.

World Laments End of Google Reader – And Possibly RSS
Multiple sources have reported this week regarding the announced retirement of prominent RSS feed Google Reader.  Urs Hölzle, SVP Technical Infrastructure and Google Fellow, shares the reasoning behind this decision as ‘declining usage’ in his recent post.  Other sources, however, are citing this decision in less pragmatic terms – particularly Forbes contributor Eric Goldman – who indicates that this may be the RSS death knell some have predicted for years.  While there is no shortage of opinion on this story, the one factual element we can definitively report is that Google Reader will be no more as of July 1st, 2013.

From the TopRank® Blog

What is Content? Learn from 40+ Definitions #whatthefoc

Content marketing is all the rage, though it’s clear that content itself is more than a little misunderstood. If you want to master the content marketing game, it’s critical to get a grasp on how consumers are affected and influenced by content. See how 40+ marketers define content in the age of digital marketing.

Boosting-SalesHow Retailers are Boosting Sales with B2C Video Content
YouTube has decreased the barrier to entry for video producers, though influencing and engaging consumers requires more skill than ever before. See how retailers like Bloomingdale’s, Performance Bikes and Ford are killing it with video content that attracts eyes and engages minds.

Creative-Content-MarketingThe Creative Content Marketing Bar is Higher. Can You Reach it?
Brands are harder pressed than ever before to knock it out of the park with their blog, video, visual and social content. Are you telling stories that get results, or simply sharing facts about your brand or industry? Great content factors in engagement and promotion right from the planning phase, leading to tangible, measurable results.

Feeling-Lost-In-LinkedInFeeling Lost in LinkedIn? 5 Elements of an Optimized LinkedIn Profile
LinkedIn exploded in popularity this year and has been positioned not only as a professional social network, but a powerful digital marketing tool. Learn how to optimize your image, headline, experience, summary and other profile components to help you attract more of the right kind of attention.

SlideShare-MarketersSlideShare Best Practices: Content Marketing Tips from Top SlideShare Marketers
SlideShare is a fantastic platform for sharing business, education and marketing content. Promotion to other social networks is simple and SlideShare has a massive audience of its own. Learn how top SlideShare marketers including KPCB, TopRank® Online Marketing, MarketingProfs and Tourism Australia create and promote compelling B2B and B2C content.

Fun FactFun Fact

TopRank in the News

dellTopRank CEO Lee Odden Featured in Dell e-Book: Social Media Predictions for 2013
Odden appeared alongside a cast of digital marketing thought leaders in Dell’s latest e-book, Social Media Predictions for 2013. He shared his predictions for the fastest growing social networks in the coming year, social media behaviors that will (or need to) change, and his advice for brands looking to better connect with customers across social channels.

Lee Odden Named One of Online Marketing Institute’s Top 40 Digital Strategists in Marketing
Online Marketing Institute named Lee Odden to their list of the top 40 digital strategists in marketing, after a nomination and voting period. In the announcement, blogger Megan Leap wrote, “Lee has over 15 years experience in online marketing consulting, and is an active international speaker and publishes one of the most popular marketing blogs on the web.”

TopRank’s Miranda Miller Featured in International Women’s Day Top Marketers Article
Content Marketing Manager, Miranda Miller, was interviewed for an International Women’s Day article on the state of online marketing for Search Engine Watch. In the piece, over a dozen top female digital marketers shared their perspective on the challenges and opportunities facing women in online marketing.

Social Media Shakeout: Lee Odden Tells Target Marketing Magazine Where Social Stand
Target Marketing magazine recently featured an article on the state of social media in 2013, by TopRank CEO Lee Odden. He shares insight and tips on how brands should position themselves for success with intent listening, diligent monitoring and the flexibility to act on insights with creative, targeted content across all social channels on which their customers choose to connect.

TopRank CEO Lee Odden Featured in Wordtracker Academy Article
Blogger Gareth Davies from Wordtracker interviewed Lee Odden for an article showcasing content creation tips, marketing advice and more from the Optimize author. Davies had attended Odden’s Creative Content Marketing: Winning Hearts, Minds & Wallets session at SES London in February and had a chance to sit and chat with Odden at the event.

Comments from the TopRank® Blog


“This is fun; I feel like I’m in school, debating philosophy or law (or marketing). The adage “content is king” tells us that content must deliver value; in order to bring traffic, it’s gotta be relevant to what people are searching for. I’m in the “information” camp… content can take many forms, and can be humorous, but no matter what should educate.”

Christal Guziec, from What is Content? Learn from 40+ Definitions #whatthefoc


“Superb list. You know what’s amazing, how 4 totally different people can put together such a cohesive list. The more you let that sink in, the more you realize how achievable a good content marketing strategy can be for a single company. Well done!”

Stephen Hovnanian, from Content Marketing Tips You Can Bank On from Intel, Kraft, SAP & Content Marketing Institute


“Miranda – Enjoyed your article. And agree that the use of video has exploded as a content marketing tool. Especially with the recent introduction of Vine. All the more need for marketing teams to have a collaboration platform that accommodates authoring of video content, and annotation and feedback of video iterations.”

Deanna DiCristo, from B2B Video Content That Sells


“Hey Lee, ‘You can no longer be good at just one thing, or two. It is a 10-thing world now (and maybe a 20-thing world soon).’ I couldn’t agree with that statement more. It kind of falls into what Guy Kawasaki’s book APE has to say about how being an author is no longer about being just an author, its about being the author, publisher as well as the entrepreneur. The same applies to SEO, Blogging, Social Media, etc. To just blog I have to learn to be a writer, marketer, SEO guy, Social Media guy, and so much more. I can no longer do just one of those things. Like you later pointed out stories sell. So I even have to become good at the art of storytelling. Anyway, Awesome post. Definitely spoke to me.”

Mark Trueman, from The Creative Content Marketing Bar is Higher. Can You Reach It?


“This is all great advice, Nicolette… Marketers need to interview their buyers so that they know what questions their buyers are asking plus which answers will impress those buyers. I like to say that buyer personas should inform the “content of the content”. We might be able to guess that we need to provide FAQs or a video, but determining what, exactly, we need to say in those assets to persuade buyers that our solution is the best fit for their needs, that is always a surprising insight.”

Adele Revella, from B2B Conversion Optimization: How Buyer Personas Inspire Content That Converts

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