20 Jokes B2B Marketers Will Love, Google AdWords News & More

Volume 88   –   August 2017 Edition  –  Newsletter Archives
AdWords Mobile Extensions Get Major Upgrades with
Tappable Sitelinks & More Visible Content
After adding several extension upgrades already this year, Google AdWords is getting a major mobile update: sitelinks are becoming interactive, and callouts and structured snippets are getting more real estate. The best part? The sitelinks are chosen and crafted by the advertiser, according to Search Engine Land.
Introducing Watch, a New Platform for Shows on Facebook
With video being a growing crowd favorite across digital channels, Facebook recently announced plans for the launch of “Watch” – a platform for all creators and publishers to find and build an audience, and even get paid for their work.
Increasing Website Conversions with Color Psychology Applications [Infographic]
Did you know that 93% of shoppers find that visual aspects are the top influencing factor that determines their purchase decision? So, when it comes to conversions – color really does matter. With this infographic from Skilled, get the scoop on the psychology behind color.
20 Jokes Only a B2B Marketer Will Get
It may be hard to cast off the idea that B2B marketers need to be buttoned-down, professional, and above all, inoffensively bland. But if our content is going to stand out in the crowd, we’ve got to get in touch with our funny bones. After all, there’s nothing like a good joke. Check out these side-splitting jokes all B2B marketers can relate to.
How 6 B2B Brands Climbed to New Heights with Content Marketing
Are you among the 66% of B2B marketers who feel their content marketing efforts are unsuccessful? Perhaps a little inspiration can help. In this post, learn how six B2B brands have used content marketing to fuel their business and what you can learn from each of them.
Behind the Marketing Curtain: An Interview With Comedian, Marketer Tim Washer
How can we marketers take to the sky and get our audience to surrender to our content? By crafting a narrative that has empathy, humility and wit – which are a few things marketer and comedian Tim Washer knows a thing or two about. Join us as we peel back the fabric to learn more about Tim’s journey down the marketing yellow brick road, as well as tips for infusing comedy into your marketing efforts.