Content Curation, Social Media & Multichannel Marketing – Digital Marketing Tips to Help You Succeed – July 2014

Content curation, social media and multichannel marketing are only a few ways to improve your digital marketing performance. These marketing tactics can actually work together and help you grow your online presence by attracting new customers. To discover more about these marketing tips to help you succeed, read the articles below.


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This Month’s Top Online Marketing News:

6 Mandates for Multichannel Marketing
direct-marketing-newsMultichannel marketing requires multiple disciplines—many of which do not come naturally. Here are some pointers from Gartner that direct marketers might want to keep in mind.
 Add Fuel to Your Social Media Marketing with Content Curation
business2communityIf your company does not practice content curation, your social media presence is likely overly brand-focused.  Making your social media marketing all about your brand is a major faux pas; it runs contrary to the ethos of community-based social media—where authentic engagement and an active exchange of ideas are de rigueur. Ensure that your social media marketing is not off-putting by offering value with high-quality content curation.
 12 Ways to Tap Into the Content Creators Within Your Organization
content-marketing-instituteYou likely have a handful of willing content creators inside the organization: the image-conscious CEO, the social media-savvy sales guy, the product evangelist. But they are finite resources. One of the biggest challenges facing teams is figuring out a way to use all of the internal knowledge and turn it into useful content.
 The Most Effective Calls to Action for Facebook Posts
marketingprofs-squareSimply asking people to share a post is often the most effective call to action (CTA) for Facebook posts by brands, according to a recent report from TrackMaven. Posts that include the words “share” and “please” garner more social shares, while posts with the word “now” are found to be the least effective.
7 Critical SEO Mistakes Most Website Owners Make
forbesWebsites are no longer a luxury; they’re now a necessity for businesses in nearly all industries in order to remain competitive. In perhaps misguided competitive spirit, website owners are increasingly adopting aggressive marketing tactics that are more likely to harm their website visibility in search engines rather than help it. Are you making any of these mistakes?
With 1 Billion + Travel Pins, Pinterest Gives Place Search an Upgrade
searchengineland-squareForget the idea that Pinterest is all about fashion photos, cute animals and inspirational messages. The company says it’s now hosting more than a billion Place Pins across four million Place Boards. Together, all this represents more than 300 unique countries and territories.

Top Posts from the TopRank® Online Marketing Blog:

 140+ Statistics on Content Marketing in Europe
While close in proximity, the dynamics involved with characterizing a topic like content marketing for a large group of countries like Europe is more than ambitious. However, the demand and interest for information about content marketing in Europe is high and there are a small number of studies available to better understand how European businesses currently view content marketing as part of the digital marketing mix.
New LinkedIn Profile Features: 4 Tips to Optimize Your Presence
Never one to rest on its laurels, LinkedIn recently announced some interesting new profile features that can help you stand out, be found and measure the impact of your LinkedIn presence (disclosure, LinkedIn is a TopRank client). Here are 4 ways you can take advantage of the new LinkedIn profile updates.
Disruption in Digital Marketing and Communications – Insights from 19 Major B2C and B2B Brands
TopRank’s CEO recently had the pleasure of presenting at an Integrated Marketing Communications conference called INTEGRATE with an audience of Master’s Degree students and faculty at West Virginia University. It was an impressive conference because of the passionate and talented faculty presenting but especially the students – most of whom work full time jobs as they earn their Master’s Degree in IMC.
Where Search Fits in the Digital Marketing Mix -12 Lessons from Lee Odden Keynote at MNSummit
Today’s generation will never know what it’s like to not have technology in schools. They will never understand the frustration of trying to look up a word they don’t know how to spell. Faced with a choice between a library and Google, let’s face it, Google is way easier.
Curation and Repurposing to Extend the Life of Your Content Marketing
Ever have one of those dreams where you’re running a race and if you don’t win, you’ll turn into a big blue chicken? Hmm, maybe not. How about running a race only to find you never actually finish because you’re on a treadmill? That’s how a lot of marketers feel about their Sophomore content marketing programs about now.
15 Snippets of Digital Marketing Advice from #MNSummit
Today’s drive was different than the rest. Instead of driving to our offices with views of Lake Minnetonka and the occasional deer, we headed into the bustle of the University of St. Thomas to attend the inaugural Minnesota Search Summit— an event focused on search, social media and digital marketing. Check out the list of advice and tips our team found helpful.

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“Great article Lee. So many great minds, I am humbled to be a part of this impressive collection of thought leaders. Thank you for the opportunity.” Matt Gentile, from Disruption in Digital marketing and Communications – Insights from 19 Major B2C and B2B Brands
“Well said, Evan! These new LinkedIn features are great in optimizing your social presence. Everyone has its own strategy to stand out.– Marissa Davidson, from New LinkedIn Profile Features: 4 Tips to Optimize Your Presence
“Great post. In my opinion the prime reason businesses fail is because – as outlined in your post – they fail to understand how customers discover information on the web. Get this wrong and the whole inbound marketing process collapses.”– Phil Smith, from How SEO and Inbound Marketing Can Grow Your B2B Marketing Performance
“Nice post Lee! I really like your point about content needing to address business objectives as well as customer objectives. Content needs to be a win for both in order to be a success… I love the picture you included in this post. It tells a story too: physical events and meet-ups are a stellar opportunity to meet new friends, exchange stories and become a part of other people’s stories.”  Kelly Hungerford, from From Antwerp to Bucharest – Lessons Learned About Storytelling and Content Marketing
“Great dive into a list – making it exponentially more valuable from a “how can I use this kind of thing to benefit me and my business or my goals” than anyone else has managed to do. Thanks, Lee.” Shelly Kramer, from Top 50 People Most ReTweeted by Digital Marketers – What Does It Mean?

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