Customer Insights are Key for More Persuasive Marketing Content

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Customer Insights are Key for More Persuasive Marketing Content
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Case Study: Nonprofit Cancer Organization Increases Traffic to Target Page by 700%

Customer Insights are Key for More Persuasive Marketing Content

For experienced marketers, it’s no surprise that understanding the motivations of buyers and what influences them can be instrumental for creating persuasive content marketing campaigns.

While that statement makes sense intellectually, old habits die hard.

Most marketers continue to focus on how digital channels like email, social networks and search work vs. how customers understand those platforms or even why they use them. Day after day, content is being created and keyword optimized by marketers with little more than intuitive insight into customer interests and preferences for content discovery, consumption or engagement.

So, how do you go about discovering opportunities for customer influence and applying them in your content marketing to be more persuasive and effective?

  • Find stories that represent examples of customer that have made the transition from previous behaviors to the desired behaviors and outcomes. “I used to think this, then I found out that, and that’s why I use/buy from company 123.” Whether the goal is to change from one product/service to another or to shift thinking about a brand, those stories that are tailored specifically for the personas for each major segment of the target audience can provide the information and inspiration needed to make fundamental changes in their awareness, perception, acceptance and transition to the brand’s desired outcome.
  • Make success stories part of the bigger story for influential content. As success stories of transitioning from the old ideas to the new are told, it’s important to find and promote early successes as well as create a process for engaging with prospects, conversion and implementation. Success stories can be small, tactical examples or more strategic and comprehensive. The role of search in such a scenario is to optimize for discovery but also to analyze search data, interactions and conversions for continued efforts at message refinement. The same attention to social analytics would also apply. In the end, those success stories can become the spokespeople for future growth, engagement and conversion.
  • Make change easier with relevant, persuasive content. There’s a lot of opportunity to bring in customer insight and brand storytelling into content marketing optimization and communications. Digging into the “why” for customers and understanding their motivations and influences will help content marketers better understand how to become more persuasive in a way that creates better customer experiences and sells more product.

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Industry News to Know

Facebook Digital will Lead Holiday Shoppers to 345 Billion in Retail Sales
Deloitte says digital interactions will influence 50% of all retail store sales this holiday season. That’s $345 billion in cold, hard (even if it’s virtual payments to start with) cash.
Click-through Rate Continues to Rise as Reach Drops on Facebook
Facebook and other social networks did not fare well in a new study on public perceptions of privacy, as 81% of respondents said they felt “not very” or “not at all secure” using social media sites when sharing private information with other trusted people or organizations.
The State of SEO Agencies in 2014?
During the period of August and September 2014, linkbird conducted a study to create a juxtaposition of agencies, clients and non-clients in the context of the why, what and how of SEO.
The 100 Most Influential Brands on Social Media
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New Google AdWords “Automated Extensions” Report Rolling Out
Google said it is retiring the use of “annotations” and replacing it with “automated extensions.” Reporting and Help Center documentation will reflect this change.

Case Study: How a Nonprofit Cancer Organization Increased Traffic by 700% with User Generated Content and Social Media

Current Situation:

Originated in 2012, Giving Comfort, a nonprofit cancer organization, created a campaign to inspire cancer patients undergoing treatment. This campaign, Words of Comfort, provides users with the opportunity to submit encouraging messages, photos or videos in support of cancer patients.

While Giving Comfort was receiving some contributions from the community, there was an opportunity to increase submissions further, raise overall brand awareness and gain more value from the community generated content.

Giving Comfort reached out to TopRank to help increase visibility for the relatively new brand, encourage engagement and drive more Words of Comfort contributions from the community.

TopRank Solution:
In order to increase brand awareness and reach, TopRank identified creative opportunities to leverage the Words of Comfort content being submitted. Through an integrated and visually focused campaign, TopRank helped extend the reach of the supportive messages and encourage other people to provide Words of Comfort.

TopRank creatively repurposed the Words of Comfort messages that were previously shared by overlaying the words on inspiring images. Each visually refreshed quote was amplified through multiple online channels including:

  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Giving Comfort blog

TopRank also included a calls-to-action on each repurposed visual quote, driving users back to the Words of Comfort page with an invitation to contribute.

Marketing Results:

By creatively repurposing submitted messages more visually and promoting them through relevant social media channels, TopRank helped increase the Words of Comfort submissions, Pinterest traffic and traffic to Giving Comfort. Specific performance metrics include:

  • 700% increase in traffic to target page compared to prior to campaign start
  • 2,000 Words of Comfort submitted
  • Over 1,200 visits generated by blog content promoting visual campaign
  • 60% increase in Pinterest traffic

Beyond helping to increase the number of Words of Comfort submissions, TopRank continues to work with Giving Comfort to provide content creation, social messaging amplification and content optimization services for better search visibility.

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