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Volume 92   –   December 2017 Edition  –  Newsletter Archives
How Predictive Analytics Can Help Your Business See the Future
Now more than ever, predictive analytics are available to small businesses looking to get ahead of the competition; they’re useful for mining data and generating meaningful intelligence. A new infographic featured in Entrepreneur dives into how predictive analytics can be a digital marketing solution that could give your business the competitive edge it needs.
These Emotions Are Said to Have the Greatest Influence on Brand Loyalty
When it comes to driving brand loyalty, creating an emotional connection plays a big role. But according to new research from Capgemini, just 15% of consumer respondents agreed that brands do a good job of bonding with them emotionally. So, which emotions are most important? Honesty, Trust and Integrity. Marketing Charts dives into more detail.
Five Trends That Will Shape Mobile Ad Tech in 2018
What mobile ad tech trends will become dominating forces in 2018? According to MarketingProfs, industry consolidation, AI and machine learning, and transparency and accountability are among the top trends. Get the full scoop.
Top 10 Content Marketing Posts of 2017
While content has been a steady drumbeat in the marketing mix for several years now, marketers are still hungry for best practices, examples and news on the latest trends. For 14 years, the TopRank Marketing Blog has been dedicated to covering all those topics and more. So, before you put the final touches on your content marketing plan for 2018, take a peek at some of our most popular posts of 2017 for a little inspiration.
Year in Review: 6 Platform Changes That Shook Up
Social Media Marketing in 2017
With 2018 on the horizon, we’re all in a state of reflection, looking back on all the good, the bad and the ugly brought to us by 2017. While it can be easy to dwell on the latter two, there were some positive developments for everyday users and marketers alike. Join us as we take a look back at a handful of those encouraging changes that occurred across platforms.
4 Search Trends That Made Waves in 2017
Consumers’ expectations of search engines have evolved, and search engines are changing to meet these expectations. Of course, marketers also need to adapt to the new search ecosystem. In this piece, we recap four of the major trends that made some waves in 2017-which will also continue to reverberate in 2018 and beyond.