December 2013: Tips & Tools for the New Year

As the year winds down, we wanted to stuff your stocking with tips and tools you can take into the New Year. Also included in this issue are top-rated posts from TopRank’s SES Chicago live blogging as well as book recommendations from our online community. Happy holidays!

This Month’s Top Online Marketing News:

Facebook Updates News Feed with Related Articles & Story Bumping Influenced by Comments
marketinglandIn December, Facebook announced changes to the News Feed that will show related articles, posts with recent comments, and generally better quality news. The biggest change for marketers is that Facebook will now be putting “More relevant articles in the feed.” Your cat memes may have just gotten less effective.

New Google Trends Topic Reports Designed to Deliver More Accurate Results
search engine landGoogle Trends has rolled out new topic reports designed to give you better results. It also offers predictions within the reports. Now when a user searches for “New York” in a trends report, they will see topic predictions including “New York City” and “New York State” to better qualify the search topic.
Twitter Ads Feature ‘TV Conversation Targeting’ Now Available in US and UK
ClickzTwitter has expanded its TV ad targeting to include conversation targeting. Using their conversation mapping technology, networks and brands can promote tweets to users who engage with specific shows. Now advertisers have an additional way to target a specific audience.
Pinterest Introduces Place Pins for the Explorer in All of Us
pinterest blogWith Place Pins, Pinterest users can enjoy pinning beautiful pictures of the places they’ve been and plan to visit, along with the utility of an online map. Every day, people pin 1.5 million places and that number is sure to grow with the introduction of this new feature.
YouTube Rolls out Group Analytics
marketing pilgrimYou can now aggregate data on a specific group of videos on your YouTube channel. These channel groups allow you to see analytics on just bubble gum, even if your channel is filled with videos on bubble gum, hard candy, and chocolate. From there you can further slice things down to just specific videos you list.
Twitter Adds New Search Filters to Make Finding What You Want Easier
mashableTwitter has added new search filters to its mobile apps for Android and iOS. These filters allow you to search for specific topics like photos or videos, in addition to searching for items just from people you follow rather than strangers too. This more targeted searching makes it easier to find the what you’re looking for without all the unneeded results.

Top Posts from the TopRank® Online Marketing Blog

How IBM Turned B2B Social into a Lead Gen Machine & How You Can Too
toprankblog.comThis IBM case study serves as a powerful example of how this Blue Chip company used social media to take their website and lead generation to the next level. Discover the challenges IBM overcame and the objectives they achieved when you read this SES Chicago session summary.

Content Marketing with Interactive Tools: Pros, Cons, Examples & Best Practices
toprankblog.comAt first glance, interactive online tools may not seem like a content marketing tactic. But, when you consider their educational and entertainment value, interactive tools offer exactly the kind of ‘stickiness’ marketers and brands are looking for. Read more to learn why it makes sense to incorporate interactive tools as part of your content marketing mix and discover a few companies getting it right.

New SEO Best Practices with Schema Markup
toprankblog.comWeb Developers often faint at the mere mention of ‘schema’. The mysterious term conjures up thoughts of impossible code to implement with benefits that seem difficult to pinpoint. Learn how to put schema markup in action with markup tools and more in this SES Chicago session summary.

Content Marketing with Microsites: Pros, Cons, Examples & Best Practices
toprankblog.comMicrosites are a great way to deliver a targeted message customized for different topics, issues or buying stages. For example, you can use microsites both for early stage prospects interested around a topic and later stage prospects to present a specific offer. View examples of microsites getting it right and how to avoid getting it wrong.

7 Tips and Tools to Craft a Killer Content Marketing Strategy
toprankblog.comContent marketing strategies should take into account everything from keywords, search volume and customer relevancy to posting timelines, linking (internally and externally) and integration with social networks. Discover the tips and tools TopRank and Walmart shared at the recent SES Chicago industry event.

Fun Fact

TopRank in the News

Top-tier PR Industry Website Publishes TopRank’s Live Blogging, a Chicago-based PR and communications firm, republished a recent TopRank blog post about social media and the law. The TopRank team was well-represented with Eliza Steely, Katie Bresnahan, Amie Krone and Emily Bacheller at Minneapolis’ Social Media Breakfast last month. The team live blogged the event, sharing tips and guidelines to avoid legal issues while engaging in social media.

Lee Odden Featured in Video Interview at Curata
Lee shared his insights on how to tackle content marketing challenges through curation along with a handful of other smart marketers on the Curata blog.

Lee Odden Interviewed with B2B Experts
Lee discusses the difference between social media and content marketing on the Social Media B2B blog, edited by the content marketing manager at Salesforce.

How to Succeed with Mobile Marketing From Four Experts
Lee Odden and TopRank® Online Marketing were highlighted in a video interview produced and edited by Verizon Wireless Midwest, discussing mobile marketing best practices and the value of mining customer data to determine the best course of action.

TopRank® Online Marketing Blog Featured in the “PRSA” of Australia
The Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA) reprinted a thought leadership piece written by Lee Odden, CEO, about integrating digital marketing and PR and the importance of breaking down the silos through content.

Lee Odden Guest Stars on Marketing Nation Podcast
Lee and Marketo host, DJ, discuss the major hurdle that businesses are still struggling to overcome, why social media is not about the moments, and how he became CEO of TopRank Online Marketing.

Lee Odden’s Q&A With Business2Community
Lee zeroes-in on the questions you need to ask yourself in planning your social media strategy on this popular business marketing hub.

Lee Odden Recognized as Content Marketing Allstar
MarketingProfs B2B Forum was packed with great content marketers from across the globe. ExactTarget highlighted one panel, in particular, where Lee offered several nuggets of content marketing insight.

Comments from Our Community Blog

In my own Cross-Generational work, I recommend Gamification to managers and executives. It is an excellent way to build in micro-incentives in order to achieve goals, helps to build a team environment and sets the tone for recognition & reward. Many Fortune 500 companies are using Gamification driven software over their intranets in order to keep project management transparent and on task.

3 Books I recommend are:

  • Got Game: How a New Gamer Generation is Reshaping Business Forever by John C. Beck and Mitchell Wade
  • What Video Games Have to Teach Us About Learning and Literacy by Professor James Paul Gee
  • And of course my own work, Liquid Leadership: From Woodstock to Wikipedia.

We are entering a disruptive time in business and Gamification seems to be an incredible game changer for HR, and a great tool for employee evaluation. In Marketing, it’s a no-brainer. Thanks again Nicolette.

Brad Szollose, from Gamification as a Content Marketing Tactic – How Brands Are Engaging Consumers.

“I have been wondering how to make my website more sticky. I believe this post has provided the answer. It should have been obvious, because that is the reason I return to my favorite site. Thank you for an information-packed post.”

Mark, from Content Marketing with Interactive Tools: Pros, Cons, Examples & Best Practices.

“I agree that it is a necessity to use the right tools in order to reach customers, but it is no longer just about providing information regarding products and services, it is also about engaging in a conversation. Social media provides an opportunity to have a give and take between you and those that you are trying to reach. By producing content that encourages dialogue you are much more likely to get customers actively involved in your campaign.”

Luke Collis, from Digital Marketing Has Changed; What Are You Doing About It?


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