Digital Marketing Insights from TopRank Marketing – April 2019

24 must-follow B2B marketers, plus how B2B marketers can strategically test new digital marketing tactics using a 6-step testing framework featuring the 80/20 rule, and more.

How B2B Marketers Can Strategically Test Digital Marketing Tactics
Alexis Hall
Vice President of Client Accounts, TopRank Marketing
When it comes to testing new marketing tactics, B2B marketers often find themselves in one of two camps:
  1. Chasing the new, shiny object. (Their motto: “Let’s innovate, innovate, innovate!”)
  2. Maintaining the status quo. (Their motto: “We don’t mess with what’s working.”)
Whichever camp you presently find yourself in, chances are good that you’re intrigued by what the other has to offer. The chasers are fearless innovators who are eager to test any new platform, media type, or strategy — and the keepers of the status quo are methodical budget managers who have proven tactics and processes on lock-down.
However, we’d suggest finding a middle (camp)ground: Testing strategically. (Your motto: “I test to add to my success.”)
Regardless to your current approach to testing, we have a six-step framework to give your team a rhythm and process for testing new B2B marketing tactics.
Check out my full post on the subject and learn how to follow the 80/20 rule.
Digital Marketing Insights from TopRank Marketing

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Case Study
Long-Form Influencer Videos & Strategic Promotion Bring Benchmark-Beating Engagement, Conversion, and Lead Capture for Prophix
It takes a particular set of skills to be a CFO. You need a keen analytical mind. You need to be able to focus on minutiae and dive deep into the data. What you don’t need — at least until recently — is to be a captivating public speaker.
But the role of the CFO is changing. Modern CFOs can take a more strategic role in the business, using their mastery of data to help steer the entire organization.
To do that, though, they need the ability to communicate their findings in a clear and compelling way. Their finance presentations need to be dynamic, engaging, and designed to get action. Prophix, a finance software provider, is dedicated to helping CFOs do more with their finance data. They wanted to create a campaign that helped CFOs become more strategic leaders, and help equip finance leaders with presentation skills to take on that role. Here’s how we went about it.
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