Digital Marketing Insights from TopRank Marketing – December 2018

As we head into 2019, find out what we see as the top trends to watch. In addition, see what we’ve been up to over the holiday season.

Tackling Common Marketing Data & Analytics Challenges
Alexis Hall
Vice President of Client Accounts, TopRank Marketing
The volume and velocity of the data at our fingertips today has the power to transform the way we do marketing. However, many of us still aren’t using data to its full potential. Only 30% of B2B marketers use data to inform decision-making.
Why? Harnessing data is hard. Over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are generated every day, across so many different people, channels, devices, and technologies.
But if you recognize the challenges you face, you can start taking steps to overcome them. The five most common challenges we see are:
  1. The data you need to doesn’t exist
  2. You’re contending with data silos
  3. The data you have is really tough to analyze
  4. You don’t trust your data
  5. You can’t make the predictive leap.
Without a doubt, the importance of data and analytics will continue to increase as we go forward. Start now to identify what challenges are holding your marketing team back from making the most out of your data.
Dive deeper into each of the aforementioned challenges, as well as get tips for steps you can take to overcome them, in my full post.
Digital Marketing Insights from TopRank Marketing

From Our Marketing Family to Yours, Happy Holidays!

It’s the wonderful time of the year. 2018 was quite a year for TopRank Marketing, having the great pleasure of working with an incredible book of clients, influencers, and growing our internal team. See how we celebrated this wonderful season.

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Our Top 10 B2B Content Marketing Trends & Predictions

It’s that time of year, B2B marketers. From rebuilding trust in marketing to the democratization of content, check out our top B2B content marketing trends and predictions for 2019.

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Our Top Search Engine Optimization Trends & Predictions

The year-end hustle and bustle is on, marketers. And it’s time to look ahead to the new year. From flying the mobile-friendly flag to increasing privacy demands, get a look at our top SEO trends and predictions for 2019 and beyond.

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Is Your Influencer Marketing Mechanical or Meaningful?

Whether payment is involved or not, what brands need to understand for effective B2B influencer marketing is the difference between mechanical and meaningful influencer engagement. In this piece, Lee Odden explains.

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Our Top B2B Influencer Marketing Trends & Predictions

From the call for tighter topical alignment to the rise of more niche experts, change is in the influencer marketing air. Read on to see our top B2B influencer marketing trends and predictions for 2019.

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Our Top B2B Social Media Marketing Trends & Predictions

What does the future of social media look like for B2B marketers? From the new “Stories-telling” age to the evolution of social influencers, read up on our top social media marketing trends and predictions for 2019.

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Spicy Twists and Tactics For Unique Content Promotion

Our Collective Wisdom series continues! In this piece, Lane Ellis dives into more spicy content promotion tactics, featuring insights from experts and thought leaders inside and outside the digital marketing realm.

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Case Studies
From Becoming the Best (Local) Answer to Driving Triple-Digit Increases in Engagement, 2018 Was a Case Study-Worthy Year
In 2018, we had the priviledge of working with an incredible book of clients—both longtime partners and new favorites. Together, we’ve collaborated to produce informative, engaging, and inspiring ongoing programs and campaign bursts that drive results.
Below we share a few case studies that illuminate how strategic, thoughtful integration of multiple content marketing tactics can come together to create something great for audiences and brands.
For more case studies and TopRank Marketing news, visit our Newsroom.
The TopRank Marketing Team In the News

Holiday Social Media Marketing Tips from 13 Experts

The holiday season in full swing, and digital marketers are focused on finishing out the year strong. Get an extra edge with these actionable tips from some bona fide social media experts, including TopRank Marketing CEO Lee Odden and others.

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