Digital Marketing Insights from TopRank Marketing – February 2019

Lee Odden and more than a dozen industry experts share their insights on how B2B marketers can break free of boring content, plus we look at trust in marketing, a successful integrated content program, and more.

Want to Make B2B Content Great? Then You Must Integrate!
Lee Odden
CEO, TopRank Marketing
The expression “great content” should mean that relevant, useful, and even inspiring information connects with the intended reader. But as B2B marketers know all too well, even when business content fires on all cylinders, it falls flat if few people see it.
That’s why content promotion—from organic social to PR to SEO—must go hand-in-hand with content creation. But we all know that in practice, content promotion is often an afterthought.
Promotion shouldn’t be a special use case—it should be a standard B2B marketing practice, and it should be integrated into the content planning process.
Speaking of process, I’ve put together a high-level checklist that can serve as a reference point as you review or build you integrated content mix to ensure key promotional tactics are baked into your strategy from the beginning.
Digital Marketing Insights from TopRank Marketing

Break Free of Boring B2B with Interactive Influencer Content

B2B doesn’t need to mean “boring to boring” and yet much of business marketing has earned its reputation. Explore our new “Break Free of Boring B2B” interactive guide featuring 14 top B2BMX speakers.

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A Story of Trust in Marketing as Told by Statistics

Do you trust me? Strap on your life jacket and come along for a riveting journey into the state of trust in marketing, told through a series of eye-opening statistics.

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19 Interactive Content Statistics B2B Marketers Need to Know

B2B brands need to create new experiences that differentiate themselves from the competition. These statistics prove that interactive content provides a way to do just that.

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B2B Influencer Marketing: Why Always-On Is Always Better

From building lasting relationships to enabling marketing scalability, an always-on approach to working with influencers is always better in our experience.

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10 Free Online Courses to Optimize Your Marketing Skills

No matter how much you already know, in today’s fast-paced marketing world there’s always plenty more to learn. And online courses can be an excellent way to advance your career.

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Case Study
Less Transaction, More Interaction: Integrated Content Marketing Approach Boosts Engagement by 116% for SAP App Center
SAP App Center is a marketplace designed to help SAP customers discover trusted partner applications for enhancing their existing technology and solutions.
Given the site’s purpose, it makes sense that most of SAP App Center’s content was transactional. But the SAP App Center team knew they needed to reach customers and prospects at multiple stages of the funnel. And they turned to TopRank Marketing for help.
Learn how our team developed an integrated content marketing approach to drive awareness and engagement. Get the full scoop.
The TopRank Marketing Team In the News

What’s Trending: Emotional Connections in B2B Marketing

What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial? Answers are sure to vary, but there’s a good chance your pick made some type of emotional impact on you.

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