Digital Marketing Insights from TopRank Marketing – January 2019

Our own Alexis Hall dives into the characteristics that B2B brands should be on the lookout for when choosing an agency partner. In addition, we celebrate a big blogging milestone and more.

Choosing a Marketing Agency That Can Evolve With Your Needs
Alexis Hall
Vice President of Client Accounts, TopRank Marketing
B2B brands want to find the perfect balance between growing out their in-house digital marketing team and partnering with an external digital marketing agency.
When it comes to the latter, brands are seeking agency partners to provide a spectrum of services, from tactical support to creative strategy and content innovation. And they need a partner that can adapt and evolve along with their marketing needs and opportunities for the long-term.
To find that partner that can grow and adapt to your needs, what should you be looking for?
  • An eye on emerging trends; an agency that can help you dip your toes into new content types and strategies.
  • A commitment to innovation to stretch the imaginations of your internal team.
  • The expertise to take a deep dive into owned, competitive, or client/prospect data to develop a comprehensive strategy.
  • An emphasis on client/agency relationships and transparency to ensure alignment and to build a foundation of trust.
  • An understanding of your niche so you can shorten the learning curve and get traction more quickly.
The underlying theme here is partnership. You want a partner that can be a unique extension of your team. Read my full post on the topic to get more food for thought.
Digital Marketing Insights from TopRank Marketing

Thank You For Helping Us Reach 15 Years of Blogging

TopRank’s Online Marketing blog is now 15 years old! We started with a focus on search marketing, and have grown and evolved over the past 15 years just like the marketing industry has.

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Top Marketing Resources for CMOs in 2019

Where can a CMO connect with peers, learn, and network? Our chief executive Lee Odden shares his five top resources for having next-level marketing impact in 2019, plus a helpful list of top CMOs for you to learn from and follow.

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How A Best Answer Content Strategy Drives B2B Marketing?

Our CEO Lee Odden shows its value and offers up strong examples of what it takes to be the best answer.

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Influencer Marketing Statistics: 30 Stats

Our agency was a pioneer in B2B influencer marketing, and we’re invested in taking it to the next level. Our approach has seen amazing results for Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike. Here are 30 helpful statistics for 2019.

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3 ‘Real-Life’ Marketing Tools for Gaining Insight

What are 3 key non-tech tools that should be content marketing toolbox staples? Our own Caitlin Burgess shares tangible, real-life tools to utilize.

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Case Study
Thanks to SEO-Driven Content Strategy, Antea Group USA is Still Seeing Triple-Digit Blog Growth
For nearly three years, TopRank Marketing has had the pleasure of working with Antea Group USA, an internationally renowned environment, health, and safety (EHS) and sustainability consulting firm, to deploy an integrated SEO and content marketing mix that’s built on consistency.
Last year, we shared that after the first year of our partnership we’d seen outstanding triple-digit increases in overall and organic blog traffic, as well as double-digit increases in overall website and organic website traffic.
Now that we’ve closed out 2018, that momentum has continued in an impressive fashion. In fact, we’re still seeing triple- and double-digit increases, and more. Get the full scoop.
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Take Your Marketing Agency From Basement to Boardroom

Say the words “digital marketing thought leader” and Lee Odden’s name is going to come up. He’s the co-founder of TopRank Marketing, a company who’s Online Marketing Blog is considered one of the most influential marketing blogs around.

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