Digital Marketing Insights from TopRank Marketing – March 2019

Our annual list of the top 50 social media marketing influencers is back for 2019, plus we look at how best-answer content and strategic PPC boost traffic and marketing ROI, and more.

5 Key Influencer Marketing Trends B2B Brands Need to Pay Attention To
Lee Odden
CEO, TopRank Marketing
Within the B2B marketing world, influencer marketing has made many advancements of late, with more organizations evolving both their testing and sophistication of practice.
And there are five key trends that B2B marketers and brands should be paying attention to:
  1. Micro and Macro Influencers. A lot of marketing press has emphasized micro or even “nano” influencers over celebrities. There’s merit to that. But successful programs map the right “big and small” influencers to the right content within the buying journey.
  2. Centralizing Influencer Operations. Disparate processes and lack of coordination can create real problems. But centralizing influencer marketing operations can create opportunities across organizations.
  3. Always-On Influencer Engagement. Early on, many B2B brands are campaign-focused when working with influencers. But more advanced marketers and brands are focused on developing relationships and fostering advocacy with influencer partners on an ongoing basis.
  4. Focus on Quality vs. Quantity Metrics. From influencer identification to brand vs. popularity, there’s a big shift happening in the way qualitative metrics are used.
  5. Influencer Marketing Software Investment. As organizations begin to implement influencer marketing initiatives across departments and businesses, coordination in identification, engagement, and measurement needs to be a priority. And specialized platforms can help.
Trends can be useful for long-term planning, but you also want practical tips. Check out my full post on the subject to get some tactical and strategic recommendations for capitalizing on these trends.
Digital Marketing Insights from TopRank Marketing

Our 2019 List: The Top 50 Social Media Marketing Influencers

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The Intersection of SEO & Influencer Marketing the B2B Realm

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What Today’s B2B Marketers Need to Know About Social Video

There’s an old saying that change is the only constant, and it certainly applies for social media. So what’s the scoop on the state of video on social media for B2B marketers? Nick Nelson shares the latest info on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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Case Study
Best-Answer Content & Strategic PPC Leads to Increases in Traffic, MQLs, and Marketing ROI for DivvyHQ
It goes without saying that creating a standout content strategy in the content marketing platform space is difficult because, well, these companies (unsurprisingly!) tend to be pretty good at content marketing.
To find an edge in this environment, leading content marketing platform DivvyHQ needed a way to become more precise and focused, in order to break through the competitive clutter and speak directly to their core persona, content marketing managers. They turned to TopRank Marketing to help make it happen.
Our goal was simple: Create content specifically for this key role, improving the quality and relevance of web traffic to boost DivvyHQ’s marketing ROI. Here’s how we went about it. Get the full scoop.
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