Digital Marketing Insights from TopRank Marketing – October 2018

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How to Combine Efficiency with Creativity to Boost Your Content Creation Process
Lee Odden
CEO, TopRank Marketing
We all know that a last-minute scramble to crank out another blog post is hardly the origin story for most great content. From poor planning to lack of resources, falling behind on content production happens for a variety of reasons, so how can you stem the time and get back on schedule.
After 14-plus years of blogging, I’ve found that creating quality content on a consistent basis is a combination of efficiency and creativity. Where do you start? Here are four areas of opportunity:
  • Crowdsourcing: Run polls on Twitter. Survey your customers. Invite employees to share FAQs. Run contests that require content for entry.
  • Repurposing: Make the content you’re creating work in multiple ways. For example, if you’re conducting interviews, publish them in full and then pull insights from each to create a new post.
  • Influencer Collaboration: Influencers add insight, credibility, and authority to you content. Make it a point to identify content collaboration opportunities and grow the relationship.
  • Optimize Performance: Data opens the door to content performance optimization. Consistently review your metrics to unearth opportunities so you can adjust as you go, close gaps, test new ideas, and iterate on your approach.
Efficiency and creative thinking are keys for bolstering content creation productivity. Read my post on 16 ways to be more efficient with content creation to get more insight on how to tackle each of these areas of opportunity.
Digital Marketing Insights from TopRank Marketing

Dun & Bradstreet’s Luciana Moran on B2B Influencer Marketing

The world of B2B influencer marketing continues to grow and we continue to tap the top marketing executives in charge of leading the industry for their insights and experience. Our CEO Lee Odden interviews Luciana Moran of Dun & Bradstreet.

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Pubcon Pro 2018 Search Marketing Conference Wrap-up

Staying on top of search marketing trends and best practices is key for designing an effective strategy. And we help you do just that with this wrap-up from Pubcon Pro 2018, which was held in Las Vegas earlier this month.

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The B2B Influencer Marketing Software You Need to Succeed

A hot topic for every marketer today is working with influencers. But how do you find right people to partner with and manage those relationships? It comes down to using the right tools.

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Go Stress Free: 6 Reasons to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

Your plate always has a healthy heaping of responsibilities-all of which are likely served with a side of stress from time to time. But partnering with an agency can help improve results, decrease your production load, and reduce stress.

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What B2B Marketers Need to Know About Instagram Stories

Why would B2B brands be interested in using Instagram Stories as a marketing channel? It starts with a very simple premise: B2B customers are people, and people use Instagram.

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Case Study
Small Conversion Rate & Search Optimization Tweaks Yield Big Results for This Niche Business
These days, many marketers are focusing on short-term campaigns to spike awareness and engagement, and to get quicker wins. But a series of short-term pushes don’t guarantee long-term success. If you want growth and longevity, consistency is key—and that means you always have to be optimizing to improve the customer experience and results.
Innovatech Labs, a materials testing and analysis lab services provider, has been a TopRank Marketing client for well over a decade, making consistent monthly and yearly investments in the digital marketing health of its website. Last summer, we partnered to give the site a fresh look and improve the user experience. And as has been the case for more than a decade, we’ve been implementing monthly SEO recommendations and refining the conversion path as opportunities have arisen.
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How It’s Done #12: Lee Odden from TopRank Marketing – Synup

We spoke to Lee Odden of TopRank Marketing for episode #12 of How It’s Done. Lee Odden is the CEO of TopRank Marketing, a content marketing agency that specializes in helping enterprise B2B brands attract and engage new customers.

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