Digital Marketing Insights from TopRank Marketing – June 2019

Maximizing Your B2B Content Marketing Investments
Alexis Hall
Vice President of Client Accounts, TopRank Marketing
This year B2B marketers are making huge investments in content, a trend that will only continue as we push towards 2020.
How can you maximize your B2B content marketing campaigns? There are five key considerations to pump up and regret-proof your campaigns with the right messaging and an integrated, always-on strategy:
  1. Nail the hook
  2. Make promotion part of the planning process
  3. Optimize … and re-promote.
  4. Re-purpose … and re-promote.
  5. Integrate your B2B content marketing campaigns with your always-on strategy
By spending time upfront to thoughtfully identify your creative hook and robust, longer-than-a-few-weeks promotional strategy, you can continue to promote and optimize your campaign content for maximum impact and ROI.
To dig a little deeper into each of these trends, read my full post on the subject.
Digital Marketing Insights from TopRank Marketing

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