Engaging Mobile Users, Integrating Social Media Changes & Using Visual Content for Results – August 2014

This month’s Tips from the Top focuses on mobile, social media, advertising and reasons to use visual content. Read more about these topics to learn best practices for improving user experiences and engagement on both mobile and desktop platforms.

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Study Shows Mobile Social Users are More Active and Engaged

According to a new Forrester study, “The Social Users You Want to Reach are on Mobile,” social media users who connect through mobile are more engaged and more active. Smartphone users log on to their Facebook app an average of 16 times a month and more than 4 times a day for a combined total of almost a half hour per user, per day.

10 Changes to the Facebook Page Layout: What Marketers Need to Know

Have you noticed some big changes in your Facebook Page layout? Earlier this year, Facebook announced a new design for Facebook Pages. It took a while to roll out, but most Page admins had it by June. In this article you’ll discover 10 changes to your Facebook Page layout.

Mobile Paid Search Spend Up 98% Globally vs. Last Year
Covario released its quarterly report that looks at global paid search spend. Mobile online advertising was the undisputed star of the findings, with 98 percent increase in spend year-over-year (YoY) and 6 percent increase quarter-over-quarter (QoQ) globally.
10 Surprising Social Media Facts
Did you know that your biggest advocates on Twitter are almost always those people with the lowest number of followers? Fewer than one in 10 of your mentions are likely to come from Twitter’s so-called “power users”. Meanwhile, 91 percent of mentions will be from those with less than 500 followers.
12 Reasons to Use Visual Content
Visual content grabs attention, is processed faster by the brain, generates more engagement and influences emotions. Images of products make them far more effective for retail ads than text-based ads.

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10 Real Time Content Discovery Tools for Curation, Engagement and Sharing
The influence of search on content beyond Google, Bing and Yahoo is pretty amazing. Just think of all the social media monitoring platforms that have launched — they’re all essentially search engines. There are a number of tools including Google itself that are useful for surfacing this kind of content. Content curation tools are certainly an option and so are some social search and social media monitoring tools. Everyone wants a piece of the action that will provide a fast track to content popularity.
Digital Marketing- What Does It Really Mean? Insights from 9 Brand Digital Marketers
Have you noticed the phrase “digital marketing” being bounced around a lot more lately? With the rate of change occurring in the marketing world, describing what we do is something that isn’t really satisfied by just one phrase.  Content, Search, Inbound, Multi-Channel, Integrated, all seem to have their place, but “Digital” seems to express what most companies are creating in their marketing right now.
Creating a Culture for Making Business Social – 5 Tips from Dell’s Connie Bensen
In an age of marketing and business that is increasingly social, many businesses and thought leaders stress the importance of creating a culture that embraces social media inside and out. A social media savvy business encourages collaboration across teams, surfaces expertise from subject matter experts and can scale brand and community engagement by drawing upon the collective wisdom of employees and customers.
A SEO Guru, Social Media Expert & PR Pro Walk Into a Bar… A Smarter Content Marketing Mixology
What Content Marketers are succeeding at is creating content for specific audiences intended to affect a particular business outcome. Understanding customer interests, aspirations and goals is essential for delivering informative, entertaining content experiences that both educate and inspire your audience to take action. Of course Content Marketing can also introduce new (and relevant) ideas and ways of thinking that customers have never thought of before.
Two Marketing Tips for Creating More Meaningful and Profitable Content
Working with professionals from so many different countries, cultures and customs requires careful attention to communications and behavior – not entirely unlike how marketers who create content need to flavor their message according to the unique needs of each target audience. Many marketers execute tactics reacting to the competition or chasing shiny new social objects. They also avoid being accountable with their marketing via superficial KPIs.
Influencer Marketing and Content FTW! 7 Steps to Co-Created Awesome
What’s a faster way to connect with a target audience than building thought leadership from scratch? Working with influencers that already have authority and credibility with the target audience you want to reach. Working with industry influencers through networking, interviews co-created content has also been an instrumental approach for our boutique and specialized agency. By connecting with influencers and working with them to achieve mutually beneficial goals, we’ve grown our business substantially.

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