Facebook Security Rules, Click-through Rate Updates, Marketing Budgets for the Holiday Season & More – November 2014

Learn about Facebook security rules, clickthrough rate updates and linking customer data points with November’s top online marketing news. This month, also discover marketing budgets, trends and predictions for the 2014 holiday season.

This Month’s Top Online Marketing News:

Facebook Clamps Down on Fake “Likes” to Protect Business

Facebook is tightening its security rules and using machine learning to spot suspicious behavior in a bid to clamp down on “Like” scams that hurt businesses through fraudulent activity.

In 3rd Quarter 2014, Facebook Drove 4X More Traffic than Pinterest

This June, Facebook delivered nearly a quarter of the total visits sites around the web received. While its share of traffic has marginally shrunk since then, the social network still drives 4x more traffic than Pinterest.

80% of Premium Publishers Want to Sell Ads Based on Time

The survey, from Digital Content Next, found that 80% of “premium” publishers are interested in pricing and selling their advertising inventory according to time-based metrics.

39% of Tweeters Called Twitter their New Holiday Shopping List

In August, DB5 surveyed 2,100 shoppers on behalf of Twitter and more than half were regular Twitter users. Taking into consideration the fact that Twitter published the results, the outcome was quite interesting.

Marketers’ Twisted Cross-Channel Attribution

Linking customer data points can sometimes feel like playing a game of Twister. This tangled up cross-channel data can inhibit marketers from adopting more advanced attribution methods.

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Comments from Our Community Blog:

“Great Post, Lee! We come across this a lot when talking with clients/prospects. B2B tech companies are so used to talking about their product features or services that breaking the mold and embracing content marketing can be tough to sell internally!” Ted Hart Karczewski, from When do B2B Tech Companies Need Content Marketing? Inspiration for 2015 Marketing Planning
“Great post. Nailed it with the human touch and the more ‘fun’ posts to let the audience ‘exhale’.” Suraj Karakulath, from B2B Marketing on Facebook? Yes! So Say IBM, Volvo, Salesforce & Lattice Engines
“Very interesting article! I am surprised that only 38% of B2B companies are effective at content marketing.The biggest struggle is differentiating between valuable information and informational garbage of companies trying to sell us “stuff”. Companies need to have an effective content marketing strategy so that a person will actually stop and read it.” Megan P, from The Number One Secret to B2B Content Marketing Success Plus 150 B2B Marketing Statistics
“Great Article Brooke! I would say you have to be strategic about when you approach [influencers], by taking their personal and professional lives into account and prioritize them by who are the most likely to have time available when you need them.'” Jeanine Van den Berg, from How to Get Executive Buy-In for Your B2B Influencer Marketing Program

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