February 2013

Navigate The Competitive Landscape By Arming Yourself With The Tools Necessary To Slay Your Competition

Marketing your brand online is tough. If the competition doesn’t scare you, Google’s penguins and pandas may. The best way to navigate the competitive landscape is to arm yourself with a set of marketing best practices and to stay up to date on the latest changes and gain an understanding of how they affect your strategy. We are here to help, with the latest in online marketing best practices and news.

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Internet Buzz: Get in the Know

Slide Share an Important Tool for Lead Generation
Did you know that SlideShare is the largest content-sharing community for professionals? SlideShare’s traffic is largely driven by search and social networks and should be used as an essential tool in your content marketing toolbox.

LinkedIn Eclipses 200 Million Users – Poised for More Growth

A new year and a new milestone. This month LinkedIn – the social network originally thought of as nothing more than a place to list your resume – eclipsed 200 million users worldwide. While there’s no doubt LinkedIn remains a powerful platform to recruit new talent, the advancements they have made in increasing engagement within the channel that is starting to get marketers’ attention.

Facebook is No. 1 Social Network In 127 Countries, Study Finds

According to a recent study by Vincenzo Cosenza, Facebook is ruling the web in 127 of the 137 countries that he analyzed. Since June, Facebook has added Armenia, Kyrgyzstand, Latvia and Vietnam.

Brick & Mortar Retailers Adjusting In-Store Pricing to Match Web Store Rates

Real-world stores like Toys ‘R Us, Staples, and Best Buy are taking a page from Amazon’s book and experimenting with on-the-fly price adjustments, based on web pricing data. Retailers are increasingly embracing technologies that allow them to compete on price in real-time, according to retail data firm Dynamite Data.

Google Rolls Out 24th Panda, Impacting 1.2% of Search Queries

Google has confirmed a Panda refresh, making this the 24th version of their cuddly algorithm designed to slowly choke the life out of websites with low quality content. The last update, in December, affected only slightly more English language queries (1.3%).

From the TopRank® Blog

Top UK Online Marketing Influencers & Bloggers in 2013
With the increasing importance of authorship and personal brands, it’s important to consider individual bloggers and the content they share, whether its tweets, status updates, or other useful information created online in compiling a list of influencers. TopRank CEO Lee Odden recognizes influencers and bloggers for their overall social sharing about online marketing and related topics.

Social Media Marketing Fatal Attraction: When Content Earns Your Brand the Wrong Type of Attention

Are you sabotaging your own social media marketing efforts by attracting the wrong kind of attention? Learn why targeted, optimized social content is critical in this post that lists the risks of poor social targeting and steps to combat it.

3 Subscription Based Companies Using Social Media to Provide Stellar Service

Ecommerce websites can be breeding grounds for duplicate content. Similar product pages, mobile and print versions of the site, product pages across domains and page tags can all contribute to the duplicate content problem. Learn how to maximize the SEO value of your ecommerce site with tips and advice from TopRank’s Evan Prokop.

6 Essential Questions & Answers About Content Marketing for 2013

What is content marketing and what is it not? TopRank CEO Lee Odden guides readers through six critical content marketing questions and offers solutions to help marketers better use content to achieve business goals.

New Media Rat Pack eBook – Win Big with These 52 Tips #NMX

To win big in Las Vegas you need a little luck and an understanding of the game. Similarly, if you want to make it in the world of search and social media, you need to understand what works and what doesn’t. To help our readers get the inside track on the players and insights at NMX Las Vegas, TopRank has partnered with BlogWorld’s NMX to bring you a Visual eBook filled with tips from 52 of the speakers that presented on topics including: blogging, branding, content marketing, social media, podcasting, and video.

TopRank in the News

Lee Odden Talks Content Marketing with Forbes Columnists Shel Israel and Tim Devaney

Content marketing is far more effective when you put in the time to build your company’s authority and trust, says Forbes guest columnist Tim Devaney. He cites the work of TopRank CEO Lee Odden as a prime example of this strategy. Earlier in the month, Forbes columnist Shel Israel consulted with Odden to better his own understanding of content marketing as a practice and how to do it ethically and effectively. As a result, Israel issued an open letter to content marketers in Forbes.

Online Marketing Institute: Lee Odden One of Top 40 Digital Strategists in Marketing of 2012

OMI recently released their annual list of the top digital strategists in marketing, including TopRank CEO Lee Odden. “As marketers continue to shift offline budget to online channels, it’s critical that they stay on top of the latest changes, proven best practices, and newest opportunities. Through their speaking, blogging, and teaching, the leaders below are enabling marketers to do just that,” OMI said of their honorees.

Lee Odden’s Optimize Named One of Best Social Media Books of 2012

Optimize was named one of the top 20 social media books of 2012 to read in 2013 by Windmill Networking’s Neal Schaffer. He describes Optimize as “a gem of practical insight and advice to get you thinking of optimizing your online presence through a holistic combination of SEO, social and content marketing.”

Lee Odden Busts 3 Content Marketing Myths in Content Series and BlogWorld NMX Presentation

TopRank CEO Lee Odden had a whirlwind month as he waged war on prevalent content myths, disproving some of the most persistent and problematic untruths in social media, content marketing and SEO. Search engine optimization is not dead, social media will not replace search, and quality content is definitely sustainable, he says.

Content Creation Will Grow in Importance in 2013: SmallBizTrends.com

Content creation continues to evolve and has become increasingly challenging for businesses that use it as a communications and marketing channel, says SmallBizTrends.com. They cite TopRank® Online Marketing as a resource for small businesses looking to improve their content strategy.

Comments from the TopRank® Blog

“Yes, finding pictures that align to your content and evokes emotions happens easier when you start taking your own photos. And @CCchapman is on point about looking for moments. I also remember to take photos that are representative of messages that are consistent in my content.”

Michele Price, from 7 Ways to Spice Up Your Online Marketing Using Photography with C.C. Chapman

“You nicely captured the point of the discussion which was that when it comes to social influence, brands care – and they care a lot. There is data via interactive never available before and technology is advancing at a rapid pace to pinpoint users, discussions, locations, etc. The key is to have set goals and know which data is – or isn’t important – to meet your needs.”

Susan Borst, from Social Influence and Why Brands Need to Care


“Retail bloggers have the opportunity to create compelling, unique narratives about their products, describing where the products come from, who makes them, how it came to be that the owner decided to sell certain products, etc. I’ve seen some awesome blogs from retailers of all kinds, like goat cheese farmers and jewellers, who bring their wares to life with remarkable stories!”

Sarah Bauer, from 4 Blogging Basics for Online Retailers

“Link Value as a metric should definitely extend beyond the implied value toward a shift in rankings, I hope this becomes a regular topic of discussion because it will enrich the overall online user experience as well as prove beneficial for SEO’s clients.”

Jeremy Rivera, from The Increasingly Useful Value of Links Beyond SEO by Dixon Jones

“There’s already a convergence of organically-ranked pages and what pages might be most appropriate for a user based on their social connections, what those people have recommended, etc. All your hard work optimizing for a keyword might be for nothing if a user has a ton of social connections whose recommendations for another page they’d trust more than a #1 ranking they’ve never seen before. On the flip side, writing content that inspires, solves and connects with searchers will build up that same trust that ousted you from the top ranked spot using traditional keyword optimization.”

Stephen Hovnanian, from 6 Essential Questions & Answers About Content Marketing for 2013

“One big myth I always hear about social media is that it’s not effective for business/driving traffic. This is clearly wrong as we can see social media is the quickest and easiest way to reach a large audience these days. Great post.”

Whitney Black, from War of Words: Myth-Busting Social Media Marketing

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