Google Announcements, WordPress Plugin Vulnerability & More – May 2015


Google’s new Search Analytics report, the release of the Apple watch and a new alert about WordPress plugin vulnerability, all provide important opportunities for digital marketers to stay on top of their game. You’ll find even more digital marketing insights below from Google Analytics, Twitter and TopRank’s own blog. Feel free to pick and choose what will have the biggest impact on your business, and begin working it into your marketing strategy.

This Month’s Top Online Marketing News:

Google Launches Streamlined Lite Version of Mobile Search Interface for Slower Connections
Google announced that they’ve launched a new interface that is optimized for slower mobile connections. This way if you are trying to search Google on your mobile device and for some reason you are in an area that has unusually slow connection speeds, Google will tone down the search interface to make the search results load faster.
Google Reveals Search Analytics Report for More Refined Data
Google has introduced the Search Analytics report to help webmasters better analyze their website traffic. The new Search Analytics report enables users to break down their site’s search data and filter it in many different ways.
Make or Break for Apple Watch Marketing Potential
Apple’s long-awaited watch debuted with the usual fanfare in select cities around the world. While the Apple Watch offers numerous possibilities for brands to engage with consumers, this article will give you a few ideas to get you thinking.
Doomsayers Predict Twitter Decline After ‘Disappointing’ Q1 Report
Even as its stock prices fall, Twitter has been growing stronger across almost every other metric of success. With stock traders and investors demanding perfection from social sites, stock prices are bound to fluctuate.
Millions of WordPress Websites Affected by Plugin Vulnerability
Web security firm Sucuri has reported on the discovery of a WordPress plugin vulnerability affecting any site that uses the genericons package. At this time, the JetPack plugin (installed on over 1 million sites) and the TwentyFifteen theme (installed by default) have been identified as vulnerable.

Top Posts from the TopRank® Online Marketing Blog:

Content Marketing Tools A to Z That You Can Use in 2015 and Beyond
In a world of digital marketing that’s 24/7 with ubiquitous connectivity from anywhere, anytime, marketers’ need for tools is greater than ever. Content Marketing in particular offers a competitive landscape where the effectiveness and efficiency offered by the right mix of tools can make the difference between feast or famine.
Live Streaming Showdown: Meerkat Versus Periscope
Live streaming video services have finally hit the mainstream market, and are beginning to pick up steam. Many might compare their use to Dave Egger’s 2013 novel, “The Circle,” which explores the beginning of a transparent society in which politicians, public servants, and private citizens ‘go transparent’ by wearing body cams and live streaming every moment of their waking life.
Success Story: Jolina Pettice Promoted to TopRank Marketing Vice President
CEO Lee Odden and President Susan Misukanis are thrilled to announce that Jolina Pettice has been promoted to Vice President at TopRank Online Marketing! For nearly 10 years Jolina has helped TopRank Marketing clients and her consulting team achieve success through her fearless leadership, passion for digital marketing and an uncanny ability to “get sh*t done”.
2015 Enterprise B2B Content Marketing Report: More Isn’t Better
Companies in the B2B space from IBM to HubSpot have been actively and effectively engaging prospects with longer sales cycle content for years. Like many competitive environments, a lot of emphasis for marketers has been about creating “more” content. More blog posts, videos, infographics, social messages, emails, and so on.
Infographic: 14 Online Marketing Tips to Improve Design, Content & Conversions
A trusted resource can be a friend, colleague or industry expert and we may turn to them from time-to-time for guidance. Today’s online marketing landscape is crowded with advice from marketers that may have the power to influence you, but not necessarily the authority to give you sage advice.

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