Google Webmaster Tools Rebranding, Twitter’s Objective-Based Ads Update & More – June 2015

Many marketers have been anxiously awaiting the day that tweets would appear in Google search results. Here’s some good news marketers, the wait is finally over! This month’s top digital marketing news brings you helpful updates to keep your digital marketing strategy up-to-date. View more stories below that touch on newsworthy information about YouTube, Google and Twitter.

This Month’s Top Online Marketing News:

Google Webmaster Tools Rebrands to Google Search Console
Google announced they have renamed Google Webmaster Tools. The ten year old name for the toolset designed for webmasters, publishers and business owners is changing to Google Search Console.
Tweets Now Appear in Google Search
Twitter and Google announced that tweets now appear in mobile searches. They will make their way to desktop searches in the future. Find out more about the new Twitter-friendly search results.
Google to Add ‘Buy’ Button to Search Results Within Next Few Weeks
Within the next few weeks Google will be rolling out a “buy” button that will allow people to purchase certain items directly from its search results pages. A report in the Wall Street Journal indicates that Google’s buy button will initially be available only in mobile search, and will appear alongside paid search ads — not organic search listings.
YouTube Adds Click-to-Shop Button to TrueView Ads
YouTube is tweaking its commercials to be more like interactive infomercials. A month after YouTube added interactive cards to its skippable TrueView ads, retail advertisers can now use those card overlays to include product information, images and links to purchase a product on a brand’s site.
Twitter’s Objective-Based Ads are Now Available to All Advertisers
Twitter officially launches a beta program that it says has helped improve efficiency and cut costs for advertisers who pay only for certain types of engagement, like website clicks, conversions, lead generation or video views.

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Content Marketing: 6 Steps for Building a Massive Audience
In his session at the recent Authority Rainmaker conference, Joe Pulizzi shared six steps businesses should follow if they want to join the ranks of those getting incredible value from content marketing. Read the recap here.
Content Marketing Rescue: 4 Tips for Saving Your Brand’s Content Marketing Strategy
Sometimes it takes an outsider’s perspective to give us the reality check we need when it comes to Content Marketing strategy. Popular shows such as Bar Rescue, Restaurant Impossible and Kitchen Nightmares feature industry experts that come into a business, determine the issues hindering success and help the business turn it all around.
B2B Content Marketing Playbook: Tips to Prepare You for the Big Content Game
The 2015 B2B Marketing Report from Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs sheds a pretty bright light on the true state of B2B content marketing. While 86% of B2B marketers are using content marketing, only 8% rate their content marketing efforts as “very effective.”
The Art of Repurposing Content – 5 Creative Tips for Content Marketers
Even with many success stories, B2C and B2B Content Marketers alike are challenged. Creating a variety of engaging content on a consistent basis is the bane of many marketing managers world-wide. Like many great solutions to difficult problems, the answer lies in getting creative with how you see solutions.
Social Media Advertising: Don’t Be Tardy for the Party
Social media advertising presents many exciting opportunities for marketers regarding media, targeting and general flexibility for reaching customers where they hang out. However, having seemingly unlimited options can make paid social a daunting channel to tackle.

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