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Volume 81   –  Newsletter Archives
January 2017 Edition
Who Searches on Bing, and Why They’re Important for Marketers [Infographic]
Bing has grown a great deal since their debut in 2009, now powering searches on Yahoo, Amazon and other sites. But who is using the Bing network, and why should marketers care? MarketingProfs breaks it down in a new infographic.
Facebook Overhauls Trending and Will Now Show the Same Topics to Everyone
Facebook recently announced that they’ll no longer be personalizing their list of trending topics. This is being done in an effort to help users avoid missing important news happenings. Entrepreneur has the full scoop.
Survey: 60 Percent of Voice Users Want More Answers and Fewer Search Results
People who use voice search use it because it’s fast, doesn’t require reading, and gives you fewer answers to sort through. So what does voice search mean for the future of search marketing? Search Engine Land dives in.
Influence 2.0 – The Future of Influencer Marketing Research Report 2017
TopRank Marketing, along with Traackr and marketing veteran and analyst Brian Solis, came together to add a little clarity to what influencer marketing really is, what’s working, what’s not and where it’s heading in the future. Discover key insights and read the full report.
20 Talented Brand Marketers to Follow on LinkedIn
Marketers are always looking for new ways to inform, engage and inspire action from our target audiences. Thankfully, we have a number of talented peers in the industry to look to for some inspiration. Check out our list of 20 brand marketers to follow on LinkedIn.
How to Create Best Answer Content: 6 Inspiring Examples
People don’t want content, they want answers to questions. In order to better reach audiences, marketers need to stop creating content and start producing the best answer to customer queries.
Long-time Clients Renew Digital Marketing Agreements, Add Projects

Three long-time TopRank Marketing clients, Axonom, Ray N. Welter Heating Company and a leading U.S-based technology company, have renewed their digital marketing agreements. In addition, another client that’s a leader in the social media space, has added a new SlideShare project to their program.

Primera, BrightFunnel Sign New Agreements with TopRank Marketing

TopRank Marketing welcomed two new clients, Primera and BrightFunnel, this month. Primera, a technology manufacturer and retailer, signed on for a custom SmartCharts analytics program. BrightFunnel, a marketing attribution and forecasting platform, has signed on for a PPC program and site migration.

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