July 2016 Newsletter

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July 2016 Edition
Twitter Will Tell Brands More About People Who See Their Tweets, Visit Their Sites
Looking to learn more about your Twitter audience? Then you’re in luck. Twitter’s data platform Gnip has opened up its Audience API, which means any brand can use the analytics to get a sort of “cheat sheet” of demographic and interest data for a group of Twitter accounts.
Google Launches Smarter, More Visual Ads Timed for Holiday Shopping
While the holiday season is still months away, Google is getting ready to give shoppers and retailers more visual ads. The “Showcase Shopping” ads, as Google is calling them, will help shoppers find what they’re looking for, regardless of how vague the search terms they’re using may be.
B2B Marketers Struggle to Create Effective Content Marketing Materials
While content marketing continues to grow as a viable and necessary tactic for B2B, many companies are finding they still struggle with effective content creation, according to eMarketer. Of all types of content, research reports and videos ranked among the top in terms of production difficulty. As a result, many B2B companies are outsourcing their content needs to specialists.
Learn How to Take Your Digital Advertising Strategy Mobile
What does a first-screen mobile advertising strategy look like? Here we dive into the minimum requirements for mobile, and the specific attributes your strategy should have to succeed.
How to Turn Undervalued Content into Content Marketing Gold (The Trick is Repurposing)
Your content library is bursting with fantastic content that’s likely collecting virtual dust. But with the right repurposing, content that proved valuable to your audience once can attract a new wave of traffic. Discover 5 ways to shake the dust off.
3 SEO-Changing RankBrain Tips Marketers Can’t Ignore
The way that marketers think about, talk about and implement SEO is constantly evolving and Google’s RankBrain is one of the latest things changing the landscape. Learn what Google’s RankBrain actually is and why it matters, and get some helpful tips for focusing your SEO efforts.
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