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Volume 70   –  Newsletter Archives
January 2016 Edition
When exploring a backlink strategy for your website, it’s vital to know which types violate Google’s webmaster guidelines. Here’s a look at 18 types of backlinks to stay away from.
Twitter’s new Conversational Ads aim to improve engagement with consumers, help advertisers receive more earned media and spread brand awareness.


As live streaming video is continues to develop as a valuable content marketing tactic, this changes creates new opportunity for digital marketers. See some examples of TV shows, brands and even the White House taking advantage of Facebook’s new feature now available for verified pages.


What are your digital marketing resolutions for 2016? We’ve compiled a list of 16 resolutions that every brand should work toward so they not only meet their business objectives, but also become the best possible resource for their customers.


How do you strike that perfect balance between writing for the user and optimizing for search engines? By creating content that is the best possible answer for both. Learn seven best practices for ensuring your content provides users with the information they need and contains the right mix of SEO to get noticed by search engines.


In the crowded content market, it’s entirely possible to do everything right and still struggle to capture attention. Discover five digital marketing tactics-as well as examples of them in action-that can help get your brand noticed in 2016.
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