LinkedIn Launches New Lead Accelerator, Mobile Updates & More – March 2015

From LinkedIn launching its new Lead Accelerator to iOS continuing to outperform Android in mobile advertisement monetization, March brings a variety of news. Browse below for more digital marketing news, featuring a report on mobile users’ favorite apps, updates to Twitter and Google revenue news.

This Month’s Top Online Marketing News:

LinkedIn Launches Lead Accelerator, Expands Marketing Solutions Portfolio

LinkedIn has taken a significant step forward in the strategic roadmap of its Marketing Solutions business with the new expanded portfolio. With a full-funnel, end-to-end product suite, this offers the most effective way for marketers to reach, nurture and acquire professional customers on and off the LinkedIn platform.

iOS Continues to Outperform Android in Mobile Ad Monetization

iOS continues to punch above its weight class in monetization, garnering 51.7% share of revenues while representing just 27.2% share of traffic. The iPad in particular still shows “remarkable monetization capabilities,” itself accounting for 12.5% of total mobile ad revenues despite representing 5% of traffic.

Google Revenues: $18 Billion for Q4 ($66 Billion for Year) but CPCs Down Again

Paid clicks grew but slowed; CPCs declined based on apparent mobile pressure.

Twitter Launches ‘Quick Promote’ Feature to Help SMBs Boost Tweets

Twitter has introduced Quick Promote, a faster, easier way to promote tweets on its platform. Aimed at small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), the new feature allows brands to promote tweets directly from the Twitter analytics dashboard.

Report: Mobile Users Spend 80 Percent of Time in Just Five Apps

According to the Forrester survey data, Facebook and Google are neck and neck for most mobile-user attention. As it has for some time Facebook owns the top spot, but overall Google is slightly ahead of Facebook given aggregate time spent across Google’s portfolio of apps.

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