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Native Advertising Growth Projected to Slow
Native advertising spending growth among U.S. Marketers is slowing down. In fact, a new report shows that the total will be less than half of the 64% figure in 2016.
LinkedIn Teamed Up With Tenor to Add GIFs to Its Messaging
A feature allowing the use of animated GIF images has begun to roll out to LinkedIn users. This is part of a series of changes to add more fun to the business-oriented social platform.
Google Switches to Infinite Scrolling Mobile Search Results
Mobile Google search users will see infinitely-scrolling SERP entries. The internet giant just started rolling out a test of the new feature.
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6 Top Marketing Challenges Solved by Influencer Content

From ad blocking to buyer distrust, the challenges facing marketers are greater than ever. But they aren’t impossible to overcome, and collaborating with influencers can help.

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5 Content Marketing Lessons From the Realm of D&D

Dungeon Masters and content marketers have more in common than you think. In this piece, Annie Leuman sits down with fellow TopRanker and D&D aficionado, Patrick Pineda, to uncover top content marketing lessons.

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A Non-Agency Guy Reflects on One Year at TopRank Marketing

Content Strategist Nick Nelson didn’t have much experience working in agencies when he came aboard at TopRank Marketing and had no clue what to expect. Here he shares his top takeaways from his first year on the team..

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