March 2013

Marketing on the Fly: Are You Prepared?

Real-time marketing, which speaks to and involves the audience is becoming increasingly popular and effective. This year, we’ve seen brands capitalizing on this trend, from Oreo’s infamous Super Bowl tweet to companies finding a meaningful way to participate in conversations about the Oscars. Relevance is the key to real-time marketing that works.

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Internet Buzz: Get in the Know

Community Manager Infographic Offers Insight to Platforms, Roles & Traits

Women still hold the majority of Community Manager positions, although men are making gains, accounting for 39% across the U.S. This is a marked move towards gender neutrality compared to 2010, when just 31% of Community Managers were male, according to the annual Community Manager Report from Social Fresh. Their data shows that CMs might be more mature, or at least a bit older, than the stereotype indicates: the average age of a CM was 29 in 2011, but expected to reach 32 in 2013.

Google Offers Insight Into Mobile Purchasing Journey

Google has just released a blog post and infographic sharing insights into consumer shopping behavior over the recent 2012 shopping season. In many cases, Google said consumers discovered a business on one device, for example on their smartphone while in a store, and would then engage further with that business on another device at a later time.

Over 80% of Super Bowl TV Ads had an Online Call to Action

Tracking the 53 commercials from kick-off to the final play, Search Engine Land’s Vanessa Fox found that over 80% had an online CTA. Interestingly, those commercials released as teasers online ahead of the game most often used their Facebook URL as the call to action, while commercials aired on TV were more apt to direct viewers to the Twitter account or a hashtag.

B2B Fortune 100 Companies Prove Effective in Social Media Marketing

Who ever said only B2C brands get to be popular on social networks? The two companies sitting atop the Social Effectiveness Index just happen to be B2B brands Honeywell International, an aerospace and defense contractor, and financial services company, American International Group. MetLife, Aetna, Chevron and Walt Disney all made the top ten.

Study Reveals Brand Marketers “Mostly Clueless and Inept” at Localization

National marketers have a lot of work to do in tying brand campaigns to offline stores and sales efforts, according to a study written by the CMO Council for Balihoo, a local marketing automation company. One finding showed that only 8% of brand marketers will make the development of a comprehensive mobile relationship marketing strategy a priority this year. Thirty-three percent are “still investigating the mobile opportunity.”

From the TopRank® Blog

Social Media Predictions for 2013
Many marketers possess core knowledge, but they’re often missing confidence on the why, what, who and how of social media that can advance customer and business goals. Answering those concerns is one of the reasons why this new eBook from Dell is an essential for today’s marketer.

4 Mistakes You’re Making with Online Marketing Software & How to Fix Them

Marketing software can help companies scale and automate important marketing processes of all kinds, from lead nurturing to data analysis to sales process optimization and beyond. Regardless of the software company behind it, these solutions are typically designed to help companies save time, identify opportunities, and close the gaps internally or externally that keep them from achieving their goals. Unfortunately, many companies are not optimizing their usage of marketing software.

The Warrior Way: How to Improve Email Marketing Engagement, Ninja Style

Striking down opponents with your ninja online marketing skills can provide a sense of satisfaction that many marketers crave. However, there is danger in focusing all of your efforts on the front end of the customer buying cycle.

How to Make Love Stay: 6 Ways B2B Marketing Analytics is Like a Relationship

Much like personal relationships, business relationships take effort. What are you doing this year to ensure you’re keeping your conversion funnel full and forming meaningful relationships?

Inside #NASASocial: How Real-World Events Build Social Media Advocates

What happens when an organization puts 150 of their loyal social media fans in one room for a fantastic, exclusive experience? Brand building and social reach magic, judging by the results of February’s #NASASocial.

TopRank in the News

Ekaterina Walter from Intel & author of ‘Think Like Zuck’, reviews Lee Odden’s Optimize

Social media innovator, speaker and author, Ekaterina Walter reviewed Optimize for The Huffington Post. According to Walter, “… the notion of optimization to improve online marketing performance is alive and well. That’s why Optimize: How to Attract and Engage More Customers by Integrating SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing by Lee Odden is literally a handbook for succeeding in today’s content focused, search and social media web.”

TopRank CEO Lee Odden Shares Creative Video Marketing Tips at

The folks from Go! Animate, a suite of web video applications, recently interviewed TopRank® Online Marketing CEO Lee Odden on what it takes to create killer video marketing content. Here is just one of his tips: “Businesses that understand how their customers discover, consume and engage with video content will be in a much better position to adjust their ability to create, promote and structure video consumption as their audience behaviors evolve.”

Social Media Examiner Features TopRank Content Marketing eBook as “Doing It Right”

How do you make your blog a content marketing magnet? Social Media Examiner shared seven tips for more engaging blog content, using TopRank® Online Marketing’s 29 Content Marketing Secrets and the Secret Agents Who Shared Them eBook as a great example of killer content.

Ashley Zeckman of TopRank Featured in PPAI Article

The Promotional Products Association International reviewed advice from TopRank® Marketing Manager Ashley Zeckman this month for their Promotional Consultant Today blog. Zeckman offered tips and advice to help companies turn employees into brand advocates, who have an average of 200 to 500 people in their social networks and recommend an average of nine brands in one year.

TopRank CEO Lee Odden Featured Guest on Social Media for 2013 Webinar

Lee Odden, alongside Jeanniey Mullen from eBook company Zinio, appeared in a recent webinar to discuss Social Media 2013: What Sites Are Most Important to Marketers This Year. Lee highlighted the importance of B2B marketing through social media in the second half of the webinar. See more from the Act-On blog.

Miranda Miller from TopRank Attends NASA Social Event in Washington

Content Marketing Manager Miranda Miller had the opportunity to attend an invitation-only event at NASA Headquarters in Washington, D.C., as part of Social Media Week. The 150 attendees chatted with three astronauts live on the International Space Station, each of whom have used social media to share knowledge and build their personal brands from space. Participants were treated to behind-the-scenes looks at both NASA and the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.

TopRank CEO Lee Odden Presents on Content Marketing in London, England

Lee Odden shared his presentation Creative Content Marketing – Winning Hearts, Minds & Wallets to a full house at SES London, Europe’s largest digital marketing conference. He featured UK-specific examples of brands excelling in content marketing and outlined the opportunities for others. Finally, attendees learned the roadmap they need to take them to content marketing success.

Comments from the TopRank® Blog

“Great tips here! Connecting with frontline staff is so key for content ideation, particularly as it helps refine your current target customer profile through the records of specific customer queries, comments, and service situations. You can gain valuable insights about who your customers really are ( the language they use, their communication preferences, demographics), and build better content to suit their needs!”

Sarah Bauer, from 5 Content Sourcing Ideas Through Word Visualization

“Thanks for the tips! I think a lot of people have misconceptions about starting blogs and that anyone can do it, but really it’s a lot of hard work! Tons of research and preparation goes into it. Not to mention figuring out how to keep things relevant and interesting from post to post. Thanks again :)”

Anja, from Is Finding Your Business Blog a Mystery? 3 Tips for Blog Promotion & Findability

“Ha! I never would have thought of it like this. #2 really got me listening. This is a great way to use search terms to help your business since you will know exactly what they are looking for and can build off of that.”

Rosa Hayes Florence, from 6 B2B Marketing Analytics Tips for Improved Engagement

“Evergreen content is extremely valuable for your blog. A blog that includes the type of articles that are always fresh and useable as evergreen content. Having evergreen content in your website makes up for a great online content marketing strategy.”

Anika Davis, from Where Does Evergreen Content Fit In Your Company Blog Content Plan?

“Great insight. As more brands embrace email marketing this year (we’re thinking it will be the “content marketing of 2013″, they have to get smart about how they operate strategically and tactically. While good content and design are important, there will be lot of other factors that will determine if they will be successful.”

Scott Pielsticker, from 5 Email Marketing Tips for Engaging and Retaining Customers

“One of the best blog posts I’ve read on this topic. The biggest challenge for most people pitching online is understanding that the one-size-fits-all pitch doesn’t work. Also, they don’t want to make the effort to connect with journalists and bloggers on sites like LinkedIn and Twitter and get to know them BEFORE they pitch.”

Joan Stewart, from Online PR Etiquette: 3 Rules for Blogger and Media Outreach


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