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Volume 83   –  Newsletter Archives
March 2017 Edition
SEJ Annual Report: State of Digital Marketing 2017
In its annual survey and report, Search Engine Journal received responses from more than 230 marketers to gain insight into how the industry is changing. Get the scoop.
Snapchat Is Growing Thanks to Older Americans, While Millennial Usage Declines
Snapchat grew to 70.4 million users this year, with 45-54 year-olds being the fastest growing demographic. However, those users still only account for 6.4% of all Snapchat users. AdWeek has the full story.
5 Research Insights to Drive Your Content Marketing
Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs’ annual survey showed there are very specific drivers of content marketing success, including strategy development, adequate time allocation and management support. Read the full benchmarking report.
7 Interactive Content Tools to Delight Your Audience
Interactive content might seem gimmicky, especially to B2B marketers. But if your content provides value – if it’s worth paying attention to – interactive elements can help you bring in an audience. Learn about 7 tools you can use to that interactive content.
8 Important Questions Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Must Answer
Your social media marketing strategy needs to strike a balance between addressing your audience’s needs and your brand’s business goals. Discover 8 questions you’ll need to answer to do just that.
The QuickStart Guide to Using Google Search Console
to Increase SEO Visibility
Google Search Console, formerly Google Webmaster Tools, is a tool that is often underutilized by search marketing teams. Find out 4 areas where you could use this tool to improve your SEO visibility.
TopRank Marketing Clients Renew Agreements, Add Projects

Several TopRank Marketing clients have signed on for another program year or added new projects to our partnership.

Innovatech Labs, DivvyHQ and a website hosting company have signed new long-term, integrated digital marketing agreements.

In addition, two arms of a leading social media company have partnered with TopRank Marketing for three content projects, and a leading software and technology company added an influencer infused content project.

Finally, Introhive added an integrated social marketing project related to an upcoming event.