May 2013

The Future of Content is Bright for Savvy Marketers

This month is all about looking forward – to summer vacations, lazy days in the sun, and a bright outlook for savvy content marketers. New opportunities to connect with customers in more meaningful ways have emerged and there’s no better time than now to act. Whether it’s through converged media, storytelling, co-creation or collaboration, companies are challenged to successfully tap into a wealth of audience data to create more meaningful and less mechanical brand experiences. The only question is, is your company ready? Are you ready for the future of content marketing?

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Internet Buzz: Get in the Know

b2bmarketingMajority of B2B Brands Will Increase Content Marketing in 2013 CMOs will invest more in content marketing this year; the majority (68%) plan to increase their content marketing budget in 2013. Social media is the content marketing tool of choice for 87% of respondents to a recent Uberflip survey, with web articles and eNewsletters a close second and third.

Google Commands 67% of the US Search Market
Google continues their reign as the dominant player in the search engine space, accounting for 67% of the market, according to comScore. Bing and Yahoo made only slight gains this month, not nearly enough to even put a dent in Google’s great piece of the pie.

adageThe Top 10 Internet Trends for 2013
RBC analyst Mark Mahaney shared the top trends for the rest of this year with AdAge and his predictions should excite the savvy marketer. Mahaney expects online advertising to grow by 15%, driven by social, mobile, local and video. Tablets will gain traction, while television advertising budgets continue their migration online.

Internet Advertising Second Only to Broadcast TV in Annual Revenue
Online advertising revenue reached nearly $37 billion over the course of 2012, according to reports from the IAB. Mobile and video advertising experienced the greatest growth, with search the greatest contributor to mobile ad spend.


Most Popular Social Networks for Brands: Facebook, Twitter & YouTube
Over 90% of brands recently shared with Technorati Media that they have a presence on Facebook, with Twitter and YouTube coming in second and third with 85% and 73%, respectively. Just 26% of brand managers report a presence on Google+, lower even than Pinterest at 41%.

From the TopRank® Blog

Warning: Do Not Read This If You Want to Give Awesome Presentations
TopRank CEO Lee Odden shares the biggest mistakes people make in preparing and giving presentations. If you want your presentation to suck, make sure you use as much stock photography as possible and use condescending commentary. Check out all 29 of his tongue-in-cheek tips to optimize your next presentation for better delivery.

Marketing Automation Software: Tips for Choosing the Right Solution
Marketing software can be a costly investment for a company, though the potential for improved business processes and revenue make it a necessary risk. TopRank Account Manager Evan Prokop shares tips and advice on choosing the right solution for your company’s specific needs.

content-creation11 Blog & Social Content Marketing Tools I Use (Almost) Every Day
Content marketing tools are your friend; the right ones will help you become more productive, efficient and even creative. Miranda Miller, Content Marketing Manager at TopRank, shares the social and content tools she couldn’t live without.

Raising the Bar on Content Marketing Should Be Your Imperative in 2013
Content ties as the number one digital marketing priority along with conversion rate optimization for 2013. Lee Odden explains how major changes with search engines and the practice of SEO mean that now more than ever, the importance of on and off domain content is as important or more than the technical aspects of optimization.

Real-Time Marketing Smarts: Companies Killing It with Off-the-Cuff Content
Real-time social engagement is a great way for brands to stay top of mind, build their social audience and even influence the buying decisions of consumers. Still, too often, these real-time promotions go unnoticed. They just don’t take off; they don’t hit the mark and brands are left wondering why some succeed while others fall flat. Miranda Miller shares examples of those doing it right and lessons we can all take from them.

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TopRank in the News

contentscientistsTopRank CEO Lee Odden’s Future of Content Presentation Featured at Content Scientists
The Future of Content event sponsored by the Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association sold out days ahead of Lee Odden’s April 17th keynote presentation. Bloggers from Content Scientists were on hand to capture the highlights and share Odden’s takeaways.


distancelearningOnline Marketing Blog Named One of Top Resources for Marketing Majors & Degree Holders

Online Marketing Blog, the TopRank® Online Marketing agency blog, leads the pack in a compilation of the best business and marketing publications for university students. recommends that learners supplement their in-class business education with useful, reputable online publications.

business2communityLee Odden’s “Brilliant Lesson” from Social Media Marketing World 2013
Business2Community blogger Sasha Zinevych took an important content marketing lesson away from Lee Odden’s presentation at #SMMW13, as explained in this post: “TopRank CEO Odden had a lot of great points to share in his session, but one of my favorite was the simple mantra: Follow a plan, measure progress, and continually optimize.”

clickzClickZ Video Interview: Content Marketing Winners & Losers
ClickZ news and special projects editor, Melanie White interviewed TopRank CEO Lee Odden at SES New York on the biggest winners and losers in content marketing today. In subsequent coverage, White wrote, “According to Odden, companies often produce too much content, rather than less of what really matters for their customers.”

Creative Content Marketing Webinar Reveals Interesting Trends
TopRank CEO Lee Odden led a Smart Insights webinar April 12th, in which participants were able to respond to a number of polls presented throughout the event. Dave Chaffey shares the results and top takeaways from Odden’s creative content presentation.

Comments from the TopRank® Blog

“Nice tips Lee. The one I would add is “Make sure to always stand behind the podium and never move a muscle during the presentation.” Reason I say this is that one of the best pieces of advice I received from a graduate professor about presentation skills is to move around and don’t stay in the same place all of the time. May sound nuts, but it increases engagement, helps drive across a point and (when possible) allows you to get closer to the audience.”

John Trader, from Warning: Do Not Read This If You Want to Give Awesome Presentations


“Lee, this post is a master’s thesis on the future of digital marketing. You summed it up precisely and helped me to gain a better grasp on what is to come and on what I need to be focused on right now in order to prepare for it. I will be sharing your construct with people I teach in my workshops”

Paul Chaney, from What Is the Future of Content for Marketers?


“Just INSPIRING Lee! My friend Tracy (@magentacakes) and I flew across from England for this very first SME conference, and we’re so glad we did – what a line-up. And even better than the sessions themselves – the chance to actually meet and chat with some of the friendliest social media rockstars around. What an honour. Thank you so so much to you and everyone involved. Rock on SMMW14!”

Sam Ashdown, from Social Media Marketing world 2013 Wrap-Up #SMMW13


“Thanks for a great article. I’m often at odds with my SEO guy as he wants to put PR out there all the time; I say that’s fine but we need content that is actually newsworthy. I’ll forward this to him!”

David H. Rahm, from Online PR for Brands: How to Make Company News, Real News


“I think the biggest obstacle for small business bloggers is actually finding small businesses that can write. That’s a huge challenge. Many of them don’t have the capacity or talent or time. And writing for them on unfamiliar subject matter for an agency is often just as hard.”

Simon Dell, from Small Business Blog, Big Business Results

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