[Newsletter] Content Planning Report, Employee Advocacy & The Future of Customer Engagement

Volume 85   –  Newsletter Archives
May 2017 Edition
New Content Planning Report: Is Your Content Planning a Smashing Success or Misadventure?
  To help answer this question, DivvyHQ (a TopRank Marketing client) conducted a survey of marketers to uncover what’s working, and what’s not. Just because a brand is “doing” content marketing, doesn’t make it successful. Look to the data. Discover insights, key findings and tips to help you become a true content planning success story.
5 Helpful Tips to Inspire Employee Advocacy on Social Media
  Social media is a great way to increase brand visibility and reach new audiences. Sharing content increases awareness, encourages engagement and drives new leads. However, many times there’s a missing link in many social media strategies: Employee Advocacy. Learn what this is and how to leverage your employees to become one of your most powerful social media tools.
5 Essential Insights on Influence the Future of Customer Engagement
  Understanding how relationships, influencers and content deliver more relevant and engaging customer experiences is essential for differentiation and driving better marketing ROI. Find out five ways to better engage your customers through influence.