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Google’s AI Wizard Unveils a New Twist on Neutral Networks
For decades, Google researcher and professor Geoff Hinton has been championing artificial neutral networks, a technology we use today for transcribing our speech or recognizing our pets in photos. But two newly published research papers are resurrecting an “old” Hinton idea that could change the way computers see and reshape AI.
New Salesforce And Google Partnership Shakes Up The Cloud Race
The chocolate and peanut butter of marketing and sales analytics are finally coming together, as Google and Salesforce announce a new joint venture. Salesforce is committing to using Google’s G Suite, while Google Analytics will be fully integrated with Salesforce’s core platform. Salesforce has committed to using Google’s cloud storage as well, but will maintain multiple cloud vendors for the time being.
Older Photos and Videos Can Now Be Added to Instagram Stories
Instagram is now allowing users to add older photos from their camera rolls into their Instagram Stories. According to AdWeek, “Instagram said it will automatically suggest a new sticker to add context on when older photos or videos were taken, and users can choose to rotate, resize or remove the new sticker altogether before sharing their Stories.”
Do You Really Need Another Blog Post?
Why Content Marketing Needs More Flexibility
For at least a decade, the 500-word blog post has been the atomic unit of content marketing. But as search engines evolve, the web becomes more content-saturated and new content forms grab hold, that’s no longer true. Learn how TopRank Marketing is approaching content strategy and where blogging can still fit in.
Be the Best Answer: 5 Steps to Grow Influence for Your Brand
While many companies are experiencing increased competition and waning interest in their marketing, brands that infuse influencers into their marketing initiatives do not suffer this decline of attention. So, how can your brand infuse influencers into your content strategy? TopRank Marketing’s Lee Odden offers five helpful guidelines.
How 7 Brands Connect With Audiences Through Long-Form Video Content
Content comes in many forms, but video is largely underutilized, with just 30% of B2B marketers believing video will be critical to their content marketing success. However, video accounts for a whopping 74% percent of all internet traffic. So, how are brands successfully leveraging video? Get a glimpse at several examples for a little inspiration.
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