[Newsletter] Choosing Dynamic Images, Video Ads for LinkedIn & More

Volume 90   –   October 2017 Edition  –  Newsletter Archives
Video Ads Are Finally Coming to LinkedIn
When LinkedIn began allowing users to upload videos in August, video ads seemed like an inevitability, and they’re now one step closer. LinkedIn recently announced that it is running a closed beta test of video for sponsored content “with a limited number of advertisers.” AdWeek has the scoop.
Google Makes a Big Change to AdWords Budgets
As of Oct. 4, AdWords campaigns will be able to spend up to twice the daily budget to help advertisers reach their goals. What does this mean for you? TopRank Marketing’s own Steve Slater breaks it down.
Is B2B Marketing and Sales Messaging Improving?
Do B2B buyers think the messaging they receive from brands is improving? What do they find the most frustrating? MarketingProfs highlights some top insights from Dun & Bradstreet research.
How to Choose Dynamic Images for Your Blog Posts
Your potential audience has far more content available to them than they’ll ever be able to read. That means they’re actively looking for reasons not to read your content. And a weak-or worse, missing-visual is a perfect excuse to move to the next thing. Find helpful tips for making a compelling image selection.
Will More Tweet Space Equal More Value for Your Twitter Audience?
Twitter is testing “super-sized” character limits-and the extra room could be coming to your account soon. But does more space equal more value for your audience? Before you throw best practices out the door, read this post for some perspective and actionable tips.
Making B2B Marketing Gold: A Look Back at
MarketingProfs B2B Marketing Forum
From tap dancing to mining for B2B marketing gold, the TopRank Marketing team was out
in full-force at the 2017 MarketingProfs B2B Forum. Get our top takeaways, insights and
memories from the amazing event.