October 2013

We’re covering the trifecta of online marketing this month: search, social and email marketing. Digital marketers continue to seek ways to build stronger relationships with their customers. This month’s focus on integrated marketing should help them in that effort.


This Month’s Top Online Marketing News:

usatoday-squareGoogle May Ditch ‘Cookies’ as Online Ad Tracker
Google, which accounts for about a third of worldwide online ad revenue, is developing an anonymous identifier for advertising (AdID) that would replace third-party cookies as the way advertisers track people’s Internet browsing activity for marketing purposes.


marketingprofs-square3 Ways to Use Pinterest and Instagram to Build Stronger Consumer Relationships
By adapting to this new visual language on platforms, you can humanize your brand and strengthen relationships with consumers. See how a travel, food and fashion brand are using photos to inspire their fans.


slideshare7 Badass Tactics for SlideShare Content Domination
As prospects and customers continue to be bombarded with information in the form of pure text, such as whitepapers and blogs, it can be difficult to differentiate your content from the competition. Visual content can help and Slideshare is the perfect place to publish.

12 Must-Read Books to Inspire Your Online Marketing
It’s still all about content. Topping the list, The New Rules of Marketing & PR, a classic only five years after it was first published. David Meeram Scott spawned the next generation of online marketers. Lee Odden’s, Optimize, made the cut (a well-deserved acknowledgement, I might add).

searchengineland-squareGoogle Launches Hashtag Search
If you search Google for a hashtag, you might see Google+ posts using that hashtag to the right of the regular search results. The Google+ posts will scroll automatically, or you can control them manually via the up/down arrows at the top.

From the TopRank Blog

How Does B2B Marketing Work on Google+? 4 Top B2B Tech Company Examples
toprankblog.comThought leaders and subject matter experts increasingly serve as trusted sources to help business buyers determine the best solution to solve a business need. Knowledge and expertise combined with social media have trumped the peer influencers of the traditional buyer, giving rise to the “B2B Social Buyer.” Here’s a look at some well-known B2B technology brands taking advantage of this new type of buyer who sources information and networks on Google+.

How to Use Email Marketing to Engage & Convert Customers
toprankblog.comAccording to MailerMailer® , email is beginning to maintain more of a steady year-round influence. However, “most industries (77.1% of them) scored below 20% for their CTR, indicating that the offers and design of their messages, as well as their segmentation and targeting, require some attention,” they concluded in their annual Email Marketing Metrics Report. Here are some tips to help you improve your email engagement.

Not Provided – What Google’s Omission of Organic Keyword Data Means for Online Marketers
toprankblog.comGoogle has been masking keyword data for logged in users for about 2 years, so dealing with omitted keyword data is nothing new to agencies like yours truly at TopRank® Online Marketing. In September, they began redirecting all traffic to via encrypted search. Read this article to find out what missing organic research means to marketers.

Andrew Davis Offers 5 Secrets to Bigger, Better Marketing Results with Less Content
toprankblog.comAs marketers and content producers, we are indeed, contributing to the information overload of the consumer. Digital marketers spend a huge amount of time churning out and branding content. However, we don’t spend nearly enough time thinking of creating a content brand. Andrew Davis, author of Brandscaping, gave some great advice at Content Marketing World. Read on.

The Future of Content Marketing on the Search and Social Web
toprankblog.comAt Content Marketing World in Cleveland, Ohio – one of TopRanks’ fearless leaders, Lee Odden, spoke with Content Marketers from over 40 different countries on “The Future of Search & Social” in the first breakout session of the day.  Discover where your company fits in the Content Marketing Maturity Model and how your content can provide the best answer your customer is looking for with an integrated approach.

Fun Fact


TopRank in the News

social-brand-forumSocial Brand Forum 2013 Sneak Peek With Lee Odden
Lee discusses the convergence of search, content and social media marketing in this video interview with Nick Westergaard of Brand Driven Digital.

scribbleliveScribbleLive Features Lee Odden as Standout #CMWorld Speaker
The goal of Content Marketing World was to prep professionals with the content marketing knowledge they need to succeed in the world of real-time data-driven storytelling. By combining the visuals and humor, Lee provided concrete examples of how to effectively reach a brand’s desired audience.

insidescoopWest Central Tribune Pays Homage to Minnesota Native Lee Odden
This digital media outlet wrote about Lee’s contribution to the social media strategy conversation after his keynote speech at the Social Media Rockstars conference held in Rewood Falls, Minn.

Comments from our Community

“Thanks for the great content. I think these tips are working for all social media and are not specific to linked. First you must have the authority by sharing a relevant content.
– john_mac, from Jonathan Lister Keynote on Why LinkedIn is Going “All In” with Content Marketing.

“I too am impressed when I come across a client or prospect that hasn’t even considered SEO in their content marketing strategy. Sure, it’s not the be-all-&-end-all, but it’s got to be included in the overall strategy.

I totally agree with Lee’s quote that content has to be found to be consumed. Otherwise you’re just talking to yourself. haha

Thanks for summarizing this session. I attended it and liked the concept of the Cornerstone. I’ll be making sure to include this on my own site, as well as in my client work.
– Julia Borgini, from How to Dominate Search Results with Your Brand – Brian Clark Tells All.

“One thought to add is the opportunity to bring in top customers as part of the value creation process. This provides the marketer/business with not only a great source of research and innovation, but also an incubator for creating evangelists. Customers involved in the process are also likely to become some of your best sales-people.
Jake Parent, from For Epic Marketing, Subscription Needs to Top Your Marketing Objectives.

“Thanks for sharing this recap of Lee’s presentation, excellent article. You’ve made it clear, the future of search, social and content marketing offer promising opportunities for small businesses to expand their reach and drive sales.

I like how Lee describes content marketing as being the best answer for your consumer, it reminds me of Google’s quest to deliver the best results and makes sense that we should align that strategy for SEO.

I’d argue that the future is closer than some might think. Our local business clients are using our “Nearby Now” product and mobile app to generate and publish dynamic, real-time content. Staff members are using check-ins with photos and more importantly, reviews from customers are collected and published automatically.

We hope that we are providing the best answer as Lee suggests! Thanks again for the insightful post.
-Mark Fulton, from The Future of Content Marketing on the Search and Social Web.

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