PPC Trademark Bidding, Google Webmaster Tools Updates & More – April 2015

This month’s top online marketing news brings you updates on everything from PPC trademark bidding to Instagram’s new platform for advertising. Stay on top of what’s hot in digital marketing with our collection of industry news and content from the TopRank community.

This Month’s Top Online Marketing News:

Social Media Reviews Drive E-commerce Conversion

E-commerce is a booming market and its growth is closely tied to social media engagement. This engagement from users is often in the form of posting to their networks about positive or negative experiences, or by posting reviews to e-commerce sites. An infographic from Bazaarvoice highlights how reviews can impact sales and return on social media investment.

Google Webmaster Tools Now Shows When Images, CSS, or JavaScript are Being Blocked

When Google crawls your site, ideally you want it to be able to see your site as a regular user would. If linked images, CSS or JavaScript files are being blocked from crawling, then Google is not able to properly render your site. This report will guide you through the steps you need to take to resolve these issues.

Brands May Lose 10K to 60K Visitors per Month to PPC Trademark Bidding

Monitoring firm BrandVerity has released its fourth-quarter look at how brand terms are targeted in paid search across the major networks. The company monitored the core branded keywords of over 250 well-known B2C brands from 10 different industries during Q4 2014 to evaluate trends in how brands are targeted. Not all paid search networks address trademark usage the same.

9 Things You Need to Know About Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update

Rumors are flying about Google’s upcoming mobile-friendly update, and bits of reliable information have come from several sources. This post identifies some of the most important questions and answers from update details to potential impact tor search marketers to consider.

Instagram Announces Clickable Carousel for Advertisers

Up until now, links on Instagram have not been clickable, save for the one on a user or brand’s profile page. This means that while brands could certainly advertise on the platform, the lack of a unique link on individual posts made the effectiveness of a campaign an unattainable data point. This is no longer the case.

Top Posts from the TopRank® Online Marketing Blog:

B2B Content Marketing and Optimizing the Full Cycle of Buyer Experience
One of the most common and significant mistakes B2B marketers make with content is to create information and media that doesn’t solve a customer information problem. Additionally, content that is presented out of context and unoptimized for customer experience can result in very poor performance. Discover the models used at TopRank Marketing that help optimize processes and performance.
12 Tools to Help You Optimize Your Social Media Marketing Results
Twenty-six percent of marketers spend 6-10 hours a week on social media. While social media strategy gives you direction, tools help you get there quicker, says Ian Cleary, founder, RazorSocial at Social Media Marketing World. The TopRank Blog explorers twelve possible problems and the tools that can help solve those problems to make you more productive.
How to Make Free Stock Images Work for Content Marketing
Visual content is king, but what happens if you don’t have a massive library of brand images to use for your online content? In this post you’ll discover where to find (truly) free stock images and how to use those images for the best visual impact on your content marketing.
5 Tips for Digital Marketing Newbies to Survive and Thrive
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Content and SEO Beyond Marketing — Optimized Digital Communications
In the days before Google, directories, lists and forums were the way to discover new content on the fast-growing world wide web. During those early days, the web was as much about the experience of discovery, aka “surfing,” as it was about finding specific answers.

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