[Newsletter] Hot Visual Content Trends, Back to the Future of Marketing Predictions & More from TopRank Marketing

Volume 89   –   September 2017 Edition  –  Newsletter Archives
Google to Advertisers: Get Your Mobile Landing Pages Ready
Google recently announced that AdWords advertisers will soon be able to use AMP pages as landing pages for their ads, providing a more seamless user experience when using the search engine. Why is Google doing this? Search Engine Journal has the scoop.
The Hottest Visual Content Marketing Trends in 2017 [Infographic]
It’s no secret that visual content can give your digital marketing efforts a big boost. But are you maximizing your appeal with visuals that really resonate? A Whisk Data infographic featured in Social Media Today provides a look at the hottest trends you should be considering.
The Print Catalogue Era is Over — But Facebook Wants to Revive It on Your iPhone
Do you miss the good old days of ordering from a catalog? Not many do, but the lifestyle inspiration we get from catalogs is something we haven’t been able to replicate as well with our digital ads. But, according to Business Insider, Facebook is trying to close that gap with their new “Lifestyle Templates.”
Back to the Future: 5 Marketing Predictions That Were Right on the Money
Trends and predictions shape the world of both B2B and B2C marketing. And since the start of our blog back in 2003, we’ve made some bold marketing predictions of our own. Join us as we hop into our time machine and travel back in time to see which of our top marketing predictions hold true as we look ahead to 2018.
Digital Marketing Tools & Tactics: What the Trends Tell Us
As it stands, the top challenges marketers are facing in 2017 are, in essence, the same ones they’ve been battling for years. How can you overcome them? Inspired by an extensive roundup of studies and reports from Getapp Lab, in this post we talk trends, tools and actionable takeaways.
Our Top 11 Content Marketing Takeaways from #CMWorld 2017
In early September, thousands of marketers descended on the Rock N’ Roll capital of the world, Cleveland, OH, for the seventh annual Content Marketing World Conference and Expo. And the TopRank Marketing team was out in full-force soaking up insights, tips and best practices. Check out some of our top takeaways to inspire your own content marketing efforts.