Social Media Success – Online Marketing Newsletter – April 2014

Content marketing and social media go hand in hand. As Lee Odden says, “Content that’s not read is dead.” Amplification of that content is crucial in order to attract new customers and prospects. This month, our top posts focus on the essentials that will help you achieve that goal and ride the wave of social media success.

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This Month’s Top Online Marketing News:

LinkedIn Adds Influencer Blogging and Content Score Tool
ruetersTo encourage users to share interesting content more frequently, LinkedIn has opened up its influencer blogging from just well-known business personalities to everyone. They’ve also created content analytics tools to help marketers evaluate their Content Marketing Score.

Facebook Launches Public Content Solutions To Help Media Partners With Trend Data
inside-facebookAs more and more people talk about current events on Facebook, developers within the media industry are looking for some way to join the conversation. So to offer companies a solution into the data behind trending topics on the social network, Facebook announced the launch of Public Content Solutions.

Report: Only 6% Of Buyers Claim Social Media Impacts B2B Buying Process

marketingland-squareAccording to a recently published B2B Website Usability Report surveying buyers, social media and blogging have little influence on the B2B buying process.

Study: Which of Twitter’s “Hard Features” Can Drive The Most ReTweets?
Marketing ChartsLooking for more retweets? Twitter has released some data based on an analysis of millions of tweets sent by verified users in the US. The study looked at tweets that contained Twitter’s “hard features” – photos, #hashtags, links, videos, and tweets containing a number of a digit (such as a sports score) – comparing retweets from that dataset against average retweets from the same collection of accounts (most of which had thousands of followers). Overall, tweets containing photos got the biggest bump – but the results differed by area.

Brands’ Organic Facebook Reach Has Crashed Since October: Study
adageIt’s no secret that the portion of a brand’s Facebook fans who see posts that aren’t supported by ad spend is dropping. In a sales deck sent to partners last fall, the social network acknowledged what some brands had observed for more than a year — that organic distribution of posts on brand pages was declining — but it didn’t quantify the extent of the decline to be expected.

Infographic: Marketers Allow Social and Analytics to Tell Their Fortunes
direct-marketing-newsAccording to The CMO Survey, 74.7% of marketers foresee an increased ability to acquire new customers within the next 12 months. Likewise, 69.3% of marketers surveyed expect increases in customer purchase volume and 49% predict increases in customer retention. Currently, marketers devote 7.4% of their marketing budgets to social which is expected to increase to 10.1% over the next 12 months and 18.1% in the next five years.

Top Posts From the TopRank® Online Marketing Blog:

Riding the Waves of Social Media Success – 38 Social Media Marketing Tips from #SMMW14
toprank blogWhat if you could attend a conference where you could get inspired and learn from top thought leaders and brand practitioners while having a great time doing it? That’s what TopRank did here in creating this one-of-a-kind eBook, offering social media smarts from major brands and social media thought leaders. There are 38 on topics such as  understanding goals, speaking to customers, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, video, social content, influencer marketing, social service and of course, measurement and analytics. Get your copy here.

Email Marketing Essentials: A Checklist for Writing Emails That Get Opened
toprank blogEmails are a dime a dozen. We all have inboxes flooded with offers – and marketers more than anyone understand how few emails look interesting enough to open. Because email remains one of the best direct marketing tactics in the books, how can marketers convince their target audience to open your emails? If you’re scratching your head over how to excite your email list, here are 6 simple tips to lift your email marketing efforts.

5 LinkedIn Marketing Tips to Optimize Your Social Media Success
With over 277 million members, 3.5 million active company profiles and 187 million unique visitors across LinkedIn web properties, there’s a remarkable opportunity for companies to connect with business professionals on LinkedIn. Luckily, when we interviewed a selection of SMMW14 speakers, five of them gave specific tips about how to optimize LinkedIn for social media marketing. Here are five nuggets excerpted from the above-mentioned Social Media Marketing World conference eBook.

What’s the One Most Important Skill for a Content Marketer?
Despite the difficulty in identifying just one skill that determines success, the one quality that stands out for Lee is EMPATHY. If there has been one thing that’s been instrumental for him in becoming a more effective content marketer for TopRank  and for clients, it’s making a daily effort to try and think of things from the audience perspective. Read more of Lee’s thoughts in this highly commented post.

Essential Stages of Content Marketing Evolution – If You’re Not Growing, You’re Dying
An important part of developing skills and expertise is to understand where you fall on a continuum of what’s possible and then take action to evolve and advance accordingly. With so much digital marketing advice and information on the web, it’s easy to follow along with the latest best practices. But what about one or two years from now? How valuable would it be to anticipate the challenges and opportunities beyond the current 6 or 12 months of marketing planning? Learn how you can evolve your content marketing future in this post.

Essential Digital Marketing Skills for Content Marketers in 2014
Since a lot of companies are maturing in their content marketing abilities, there are a few key skills that stand out in 2014 and beyond. Any organization that can develop these skill sets amongst their digital marketing teams will bring a distinct advantage to the company. It’s also important for business marketing managers to develop these abilities and to inspire and nurture these skills within their organization. Read Lee’s blueprint for adopting a mix of skills in order to achieve a competitive advantage.

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TopRank® in the News:

Practical eCommerce: Optimize Featured as Go-To Book for SEO – Lee Odden’s book, Optimize, was recommended as a trusted source for SEO education by Practical eCommerce.

Cursive Content: Secret Tips from the World’s Best Content Marketers Includes Lee’ – Cursive Content Marketing compiled a list of steal-worthy tips from some of today’s top content marketers. Check out their article to read Lee’s best practices.

Search Engine Land: Turning Old Content Into New Links – Search Engine Land features TopRank in its Link Week Column, highlighting a link opportunity based on a highly trafficked blog post.

Business2Community: Integrated Communications in the Age of Influence – Lee explains the intersection of content, social technologies, and marketing in ways that achieve common PR objectives, such as credibility, thought leadership, and influence in this Business2Community article.

Comments From Our Community Blog:

“Hey Lee, nice post as usual. It seems simple, but it’s true. You always should ask why. I thought this would be useful for our blog readers, so I included your post in my roundup of February’s best social media, SEO, and content marketing articles. Thanks for continuing to add value with your posts.”

Ben Ustick, from The One Question You Must Ask and Answer to Win With Social Media Marketing

“Dude, keeper: People will work for a living, but die for recognition. Is that an Oddenism? Gotta add that to my “Marketing Insights for Short Attention Spans” list, which is here.”

Barry Feldman, from 5 Ways to Grow Your Blog Community and Readership

“Lee, great post. You are 100% on point here. I am an attorney who uses video to extensively market my law firm and the key point I stress to other lawyers when teaching them what content to create is STOP TALKING ABOUT YOURSELF!

Nobody cares about YOU. They often don’t get it. Especially lawyers. They are so centered on how great they are, they perceive the world wants to know all about them.

In fact, as you correctly point out, it’s just the opposite. In my niche, my ideal client and consumer wants to learn how I can help THEM solve THEIR problem. That’s it.

Empathy helps understand their pain and now I can create great educational content focusing on my ideal client and WHAT THEY WANT TO LEARN ABOUT, not what I want to teach them. Big distinction.”

Gerry Oginski, from What’s the One Most Important Skill for a Content Marketer?


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