Building a Successful B2B Influencer Marketing Strategy – August 2019

Building a Successful B2B Influencer Marketing Strategy
Lee Odden
CEO, TopRank Marketing

At TopRank Marketing, we define influencer marketing as “activating internal and industry experts with engaged networks to co-create content of mutual value, and achieve measurable business goals.”

But does influencer marketing really work? Check out these statistics:

  1. 49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations (ION)
  2. Influencer campaigns earn $6.50 for every $1 spent (Tomoson)
  3. 22% of marketers say influencer marketing is the most cost-effective method of obtaining new customers (Tomoson)

At the core, influencer marketing for B2B adds credibility, authority, and insight to great brand content.

To dig deeper into what influencer marketing means for business marketers, check out our infographic on the subject.

Digital Marketing Insights from TopRank Marketing

Expert Tips to Create Memorable Experiences

What does it take to deliver an unforgettable content experience? Ahead of next week’s Content Marketing World conference, speakers Jay Baer, Amisha Gandhi, and Chris White offer expert tips for wowing the crowd and stepping up your content.

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Annie Granatstein on Powerful Brand Storytelling #CMWorld

Content marketers everywhere can learn from what Annie Granatstein and The Washington Post’s BrandStudio are doing with immersive, multimedia-driven storytelling. Check out our recent #CMWorld spotlight interview with Annie.

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7 Marketing Lessons From The Minnesota State Fair

State fair season brings tasty new foods-on-a-stick and a grandstand full of marketing lessons for those willing to walk the midway. From influencer marketing to social and search marketing, join us for 7 marketing lessons from the state fair.

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The Currency of Influence in Marketing – Buy, Sell, or Trade

By learning the importance of influence, how best to incorporate it into your own life and marketing, and how to deal with some of its primary challenges, B2B marketers and brands can harness its power and reach new levels of success.

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Margaret Magnarelli on Content Marketing Journalism #CMWorld

Content marketers come from all sorts of different backgrounds, with each bringing its own distinct and valuable perspective. Margaret Magnarelli of Morgan Stanley shares how to put your audiences first and other insights in a new interview.

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B2B Doesn’t Have To Mean Boring-2-Boring
5 B2B Brands Delivering Great Customer Experiences

How can B2B marketers make memorable customer experiences? Today’s B2B customers expect more B2C-like experiences and less boring-2-boring.

Research has shown that 89% of firms compete primarily on customer experience. Not all companies may be taking this to heart, however, as additional research shows that some 60% of marketers fail to take into account consumer expectations, despite 95% seeing increasing expectations from customers.

Making memorable customer experiences a priority can help build successful campaigns and make for delighted customers. Plus with further research showing that just 14% of B2B survey respondents view customer experience and support as a top priority, there’s no better time to work on delivering great customer experiences.

Join us and take a look at examples of great customer experiences from IBM, 3M, Businessolver, Marketo, and Emerson.

See All 5 Examples Here.

The TopRank Marketing Team In the News

Influencer Relations: Crystal Gazing

TopRank Marketing CEO Lee Odden explores democratized influence, with everyone being influential at some level, the consumerization of business technology and more, in this piece by Angela Lipscomb.

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