Power Your Marketing Presentations with Data Visualization – July 2020

Power Your Marketing Presentations with Data Visualization
Alexis Hall
Vice President of Client Accounts, TopRank Marketing

When done thoughtfully, data visualizations have the power to change perspectives, far more quickly than a spreadsheet or bullet points on a slide. Data visualization allows us to take complex or even simple data sets, and present them in a way that allows us to see context, make comparisons, and enable decision-making.

The good news? Giving your data a visual identity is easier than you think. Four tips to keep in mind include:

  1. Framing your story for your specific audience
  2. Selecting visualization formats that fit your data narrative
  3. Providing context that can be understood across your organization
  4. Being careful to not mislead your audience by misrepresenting the data

Creating a narrative, choosing your data set, perfecting your visualization, and adding context are essential for being able to persuade any sort of action or reaction with data.

To dig a little deeper into each of these data visualization tips, read my full post on the subject.

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Case Study
Arm Treasure Data Builds Thought Leadership in Tough B2B Tech Vertical with Help from Always-On Influencer Content

The marketing technology landscape is massive, and growing with incredible velocity. A 2019 study charted more than 7,000 different martech solutions from a multitude of unique vendors. Needless to say, there’s a lot of competition for attention in this space, so companies operating here must elevate their digital strategies to rise above.

Arm Treasure Data (ATD) provides an enterprise Customer Data Platform (CDP) that serves as the centralized repository for a company’s 360 degree customer view – allowing for segmentation, activation and analysis. The company enlisted TopRank Marketing to tap our expertise with B2B tech, as well as our record of breaking through in crowded industries with a combination of SEO-driven content and influencer integration.

Learn how in partnership we developed campaigns into an always-on program that delivers continual growth, with traffic and conversions skyrocketing.

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