Webinar: Break Free of Boring B2B

On this B2B Influencer Strategy Webinar you will learn:

  • What B2B Marketers Say is the Most Boring Content
  • How Marketers Currently Rank in Terms of Trust
  • How to Partner with B2B Influencers to Build Brand Credibility
  • Alternative Options for Experiences that Inspire B2B Buyers

B2B Marketing Fitness: Tips for Better B2B Performance

In a world where shiny object marketing and weight loss fads equally distract from reaching our potential, there are many parallels between improving physical health and optimizing B2B marketing effectiveness.

Explore the interactive asset, featuring B2B marketing experts and their tips for better marketing.

The Ultimate Guide to B2B Podcasting

Download The Ultimate Guide to B2B Podcasting to learn how to promote your B2B podcast through:

  • Influencer Activation
  • Content Optimization
  • Internal Promotion
  • Cross-Promotion

And much more. Download now!

Influence 2.0: The Future of Influencer Marketing

How are today’s most successful companies approaching influencer marketing? To find out, we partnered with Traackr and Altimeter to tap the expertise of 100 plus enterprise marketers from top brands including 3M, Amazon, SAP and more.

eBook: The Business of Influence – Formulas for Success from Top B2B Brands

Download the eBook for industry statistics on the state of B2B influencer marketing, a formula for success, and insights from three of the top minds in the influencer marketing world:

  • Dr. Konstanze Alex-Brown (Dell)
  • Amisha Gandhi (SAP)
  • Luciana Moran (D&B)