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10 Fresh Social Media Marketing Tools To Boost Brand Storytelling

Posted on Jul 15th, 2020
Written by Lane Ellis
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  • 10 Fresh Social Media Marketing Tools To Boost Brand Storytelling
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    Are you using the latest social media marketing tools that help you create a new variety of remarkable campaign experiences?

    We’ve got you covered with a look at our 10 latest featured social media marketing tools to help you refine and expand your marketing efforts and boost brand storytelling.

    Sifting through tens of thousands of available tools can be a hit and miss proposition, but these 10 fresh marketing tools let you skip a lot of the research queue and get right into useful tools for helping you tell marketing stories in new ways.

    Let’s dive right in with our collection of 10 fresh tools to boost your social media marketing experiences, including image and video manipulation tools, headline analysis utilities, and social media monitoring apps.

    1 — DxO’s Nik Collection 3 Tools

    DxO Screenshot

    DxO’s updated Nik Collection 3 offers an array of photo editing features for its popular suite of economical plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, and DxO’s own Photo Lab.

    Coming three years after acquiring the technology from Google, this latest major release offers a new horizon-correcting perspective plug-in — Perspective Efex — and brings Adobe Lightroom Classic users non-destructive editing using a special variety of TIFF files.

    Marketers looking to test the new features can try DxO’s new collection using a fully-functional 30-day trial.

    2 — CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer Tool

    Headline Analyzer Screenshot

    Marketers looking for a fresh take on potential new headlines for articles, case studies, eBooks, or other forms of B2B marketing content can try CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer tool.

    This tool offers numerous recommendations, visual previews, and ratings for potential headline choices, including sentiment and length analysis, keyword insight, and a word balance feature showing a particular headline’s emotional power and whether it is particularly common or on the rare side.

    3 — Prisma Lab’s Photo Editor

    Prisma Screenshot

    Marketing designers looking to push the boundaries of imagery that stands out for B2B brands can check out Prisma Lab’s Photo Editor app for Apple iOS and Android users, an award-winning photo-editing tool.

    Noted for its user-friendly functionality and daily art filters, Prisma’s Photo Editor offers marketers a quick way to try various what-if image manipulations — from merely unusual to otherworldly alterations that might just be the look a B2B brand is looking for.

    4 — digiKam RAW Format Processor & Manager

    digiKam Screenshot

    A rare open source tool offering marketers and designers full functionality in RAW camera format processing and photo management, digiKam’s open nature may appeal to organizations not wanting to get locked in to any one software ecosystem, while still being able to use a slew of powerful features.

    Available for Windows, macOS and Linux, digiKam has a slick and easy-to-use user interface, and import and export utilities for smooth social media formatting and sharing.

    5 — Biteable Video Tool

    Biteable Screenshot

    Biteable is an online video maker tied in to a large library of built-in footage and including many helpful templates that combine with the service’s editor functions to create quick and easy marketing assets.

    Biteable also allows marketers to create video infographics, explainer videos, animated logos, and dozens of other formats driven by the template-based system, and offers a free trial.

    6 — The PhotoGIMP Alternative by Diolinux

    Diolinux PhotoGIMP Screenshot

    Diolinux’s PhotoGIMP brings a new look and feel to the popular free open-source image editing tool GIMP — short for GNU Image Manipulation Program — coming up on its 25th anniversary in 2021.

    This add-on is intended to make the transition to GIMP easier, purposely bringing a look much more like Adobe’s Photoshop, which might be just what some marketers need when trying alternatives to industry-standard software. The tool’s GitHub repository page in English is here — the tool’s main site is in Portuguese.

    7 — Unreal’s Live Link Face 3D Live-Motion Tool

    Unreal Engine Live Link Screenshot

    Epic Games’ Unreal Engine has released Live Link Face for Unreal Engine,  a live motion-capture app that uses an iPhone’s Face ID sensors to create 3D facial animation — cutting-edge technology useful for adding catchy motion to many campaign types, and a glimpse at what is likely coming down the pike for marketers.

    The tool uses an iPhone’s TrueDepth sensor array to bring a technology once only available to major motion picture or game designers such as Adam Dunn.

    8 — Weave New Digital Stories with Bazaart

    Bazaart Screenshot

    The fascinating iOS-only app-based tool offered by Bazaart allows marketers to weave together and manipulate photos, text and other elements, and through the use of layers, cut-outs, background-removal and other technology, to create unusual collages and other forms of digital work.

    Bazaart also uses numerous templates and example pages to show what the tool is capable of, and has been especially popular for the creation of Instagram Story imagery.

    9 — VSCO’s Montage Multimedia Video Editing Tool

    VSCO Montage Screenshot

    Multimedia video editing software VSCO has been busy adding creative features to its popular mobile app, especially since it released its Montage tool earlier this year.

    VSCO’s Montage emphasizes video storytelling, an increasingly important aspect of successful digital marketing, using multi-layered video, images, sound, and other elements to pull viewers into collage-like video content. The tool is available to try for free.

    10 — Mentionlytics

    Mentionlytics Screenshot

    Software as a service (SaaS) platform Mentionlytics monitors global social media references and mentions and presents results in a robust dashboard including sentiment analysis, social engagement and reach, competitor comparisons, web mentions and more.

    Competition in this segment of social media monitoring tools is fierce, with established players such as Traackr and others, however.

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    We hope that you’ll find several new-to-you social media marketing tools among those we’ve explored here, and that you’ll continue to keep your campaigns full of engaging and fresh stories, whatever software you may be using at any one time.

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