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Influencer Marketing for B2B Brands

Increase your brand influence & impact with B2B influencer marketing solutions that expand reach, credibility + ROI.
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Does Influencer Marketing Work for B2B Brands?

11 11 x
better ROI when adding niche influencers to campaigns Peer to Peer Marketing
88 88 %
of B2B Marketers say influencer marketing increases brand reputation TopRank Marketing
72 72 %
of B2B enterprise brands work with influencers to grow thought leadership TopRank Marketing

We help B2B brands:

If you're just getting started, we can prepare you for takeoff.

TopRank Marketing was one of the first to make B2B influencer marketing a strategic practice. We know what works and how to build a program from the ground up. Our team will help create a custom pilot program for amazing influencer-infused content that earns attention and drives results.

A B2B influencer marketing program includes:

  • Identifying influencers for your unique offering & market
  • Connecting with & contracting partners
  • Content strategy, managing influencer collaboration, execution & program launch
  • Ongoing analysis & optimization
Build credibility & establish thought leadership with the right influencers for your audience.

Our custom influencer programs are designed to increase brand awareness, expand your reach, boost credibility and ultimately drive conversions.

Research shows that influencer marketing delivers 12x higher ROI than other tactics.

We work with your brand to create a custom program to:

  • Identify & engage the most relevant influencers for your audience
  • Collaborate to create amazing content experiences with those industry experts & influencers
  • Publish, promote & amplify the content with a comprehensive content marketing & social media plan
If you're hitting a wall with engagement and conversions, influencer marketing can help you break through.

Campaigns that include influencers are 4x more successful than others. Not only do they drive better results, those results are easy to measure, from clicks and conversions all the way to revenue.

An ongoing influencer marketing program is the key to long-term success. Elevate your entire content calendar with influencer-infused content, from blog posts to social-first campaigns to infographics and beyond.

Ready to Elevate Your B2B Marketing?

Voices That Add Influence & Impact.

Finding the right B2B influencers and niche experts builds brand trust.

Who is your audience connected with and following? Who do they rely on for industry advice, thought leadership and trends?

These are the people who can amplify your brand. And it’s likely we already have them on speed-dial.

TopRank Marketing is a proven, award-winning leader in B2B influencer marketing. We helped define B2B influence as a strategic discipline, developed a network of B2B tech experts, and created some seriously cool content along the way.

Ready to launch your first influencer marketing pilot? Looking to elevate an existing program? Ready to scale to an always-on influencer community?

We’ve done it before and we’re ready to help you.

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