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21 New Marketing Jokes for Unprecedented Times

Posted on Feb 9th, 2021
Written by Joshua Nite
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    Why write jokes about marketing? 

    Why write, to be specific, 101 jokes about marketing over the last five years?

    I came to marketing from the comedy world, and was genuinely surprised back then at how little personality there was in B2B content. Back in 2015, people were still asking whether B2B marketing could be funny — whether it would torpedo a serious brand to come out with humorous content.

    Now we’ve finally admitted that B2B buyers like to laugh just like everyone else. And we’re seeing that humor can be a powerful way to bring people together. Used the right way, it can illustrate the shared human experiences that unite us all, showing that our trials and triumphs make us more alike than we are different.

    Will this post serve to remind marketers of the universal nature of the human condition?

    It will not.

    But it will hopefully give you a chuckle, or at least a groan or two. And I consider that a public service.

    “B2B buyers like to laugh just like everyone else. And we’re seeing that humor can be a powerful way to bring people together.” — Joshua Nite @NiteWrites Share on X

    21 New B2B Marketing Jokes 

    I added one more joke this time — for some reason, the number 20 just seems cursed now. Can’t imagine why.

    1. What did the SEO specialist name his twin boys?
      Canonical and Duplicate Content.

    2. What audience do pirate B2B marketers target?
      The SEA Suite!

    3. Did you hear about the fisherman who became an Instagram influencer?
      His Stories aren’t great, but his Reels are fantastic!

    4. I have a great uniform for video calls: Button-down shirt and tie on top, but comfy camouflage sweatpants on the bottom.
      I call ‘em my “Zoom Fatigues.”

    5. I got a job doing SEO for a cherry picking company.
      We’re not doing great on Google, but we’re killing it on Bing!

    6. Why did the marketer get nauseated at the fair?
      He insisted on eating a full funnel cake.

    7. I’m developing a new energy drink for B2B influencers.
      We don’t sell it in 12-ounce cans — it comes in thought liters.

    8. I’m also developing an energy drink for B2B buying committees.
      You can’t buy a 6-pack  — it comes in a business case wrapped in white paper.

    9. Did you hear about the marketer who had to raise awareness for a fencing company?
      She started by sponsoring posts.

    10. Did you hear about the marketer who worked with a genetics expert to make sausage grow on a living pig’s spine?
      He was REALLY into building backlinks.

    11. We’ve licensed the rights to “Turn Back Time,” “Believe,” and “I’ve Got You Babe” for our next awareness campaign.
      We’re really trying to build Cher of voice.

    12. What’s a marketer’s usual blood type?
      It depends: CRO experts have AB, but content editors have typo.

    13. Our firm is doing content for Old MacDonald’s farm. We’re doing a strategy we call “Search Engine, Influencer, Engagement & Integration Optimization, or…S-E-I-E-I-O.

    14. Knock, knock!
      Who’s there?
      Snapchat, who?
      That’s social media marketing for you.

    15. I told a joke about LinkedIn Live once, but only a select few proven content creators got it.

    16. I wrote a marketing blog about acoustic guitars. It had great resonance but no amplification.

    17. Why did Dracula fail at B2B sales?
      He was great with a single decision maker, but got nervous in front of stakeholders.

    18. Working from home is a study in irony: I send a lot of Slacks, but I’m rarely wearing pants.

    19. I just wrote a rap song to send to everyone who signed up for my email list. It’s kind of a nurture track.

    20. Dr. Frankenstein got into marketing recently, and he’s surprisingly good at it.
      He really knows how to humanize repurposed content.

    21. How many harried marketers on a Zoom call does it take to change a light bulb?

      Sorry, they all forgot they were on mute.
    “Did you hear about the fisherman who became an Instagram influencer? His Stories aren’t great, but his Reels are fantastic!.” — Joshua Nite @NiteWrites Share on X

    Get the Last Laugh 

    Now, I’m not out here telling you that bad puns are going to compel people to buy your new SaaS solution. But a sense of humor is required for marketing — knowing what makes other people laugh is part of the empathy you need in order to reach your audience. 

    I hope you enjoyed the jokes in this post, and that you go on to inflict them on your unsuspecting co-workers. 

    And if you need help writing personable content that earns people’s attention, we’ve got you covered.

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