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LinkedIn: 31 Sophisticated Content Marketing Thought Leaders to Follow

Posted on Mar 7th, 2016
Written by Lee Odden
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    31 Sophisticated Content Marketers - LinkedIn

    The team at LinkedIn Marketing Solutions (client) recently published a fantastic resource for content marketing called The Sophisticated Marketers Guide to Content Marketing for 2016.

    At Content Marketing World 2014, LinkedIn’s Jonathan Lister proclaimed that LinkedIn was “All in with content marketing”. While that reference was mostly about the ability for users to publish content on LinkedIn, the content marketing efforts from the team at LinkedIn over the past 2 years has been nothing short of impressive.

    This most recent eBook is a great example of depth, design, and utility that also serves as a case study for “big rock” content. Along with smart advice from marketing rock stars Jason Miller and his team (Sean, Alex, and Megan pictured on the cover below), industry thought leaders and influencers are included as well. Bringing in outside expertise to co-create content adds credibility, subject matter expertise and balance to what would otherwise be “brand content” – a smart move.

    Sophisticated Marketer's Guide to Content Marketing

    As a great source of information about content marketing (108 pages) you’ll find: how to develop a content marketing strategy, mapping the buyer’s journey, visual content, influencers, ROI and going global with content – 16 chapters in all. This new eBook for 2016 also includes a great list of content marketing industry experts you can connect with to learn even more.

    While my team helped with the content in the ebook and I contributed myself, I first learned of the list after downloading it. There are many familiar content marketing faces included and a few that are new to me.  To be counted among them is an honor and I am happy to share the full list below including my snarky bios for each.

    31 Sophisticated Content Marketing Thought Leaders to Follow

    Ann Handley
    Ann Handley – @annhandley
    Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs, Author
    Ann is smart, funny and on vacation! And one of my all time favorite people.

    Joe Pullizi
    Joe Pullizi – @JoePulizzi
    Founder at Content Marketing Institute, Author
    Joe is all about orange. And content marketing.

    Michael Brenner
    Michael Brenner – @BrennerMichael
    CEO, Marketing Insider Group and Author
    Family man Michael is way too good looking to be in marketing.

    Doug Karr
    Doug Karr – @douglaskarr
    Marketing Technology Entrepreneur, Consultant, Author
    Doug walks the social media and content talk. Literally, on his podcast.

    Andy Crestodina
    Andy Crestodina – @crestodina
    Co-Founder / Strategic Director of Orbit Media Studios, Author
    Andy is a unicorn of marketers that is equally social and nerdy smart.

    Ardath Albee
    Ardath Albee – @ardath421
    B2B Marketing Strategist, Author
    I tell my team to read everything Ardath writes. Everything.

    Lee Odden
    Lee Odden – @leeodden
    CEO at TopRank Marketing, Author
    Accidental content marketer and beard enthusiast.

    Barry Feldman
    Barry Feldman – @FeldmanCreative
    Content Marketing Consultant, Copywriter, Blogger & Podcaster
    Barry has mad creative content skillz.

    Doug Kessler
    Doug Kessler – @dougkessler
    Creative Director, Co-Founder, Velocity Partners Ltd
    In this photo, Doug is the Banksy of B2B content marketing.

    Heidi Cohen
    Heidi Cohen – @heidicohen
    Chief Content Officer at Actionable Marketing Guide
    Heidi is an actionable content producing machine.

    Michael Stricker
    Michael Stricker – @RadioMS
    Lead Consultant at MSDesign
    I have not met Michael, but he seems like a content marketing James Bond.

    Pam Didner
    Pam Didner – @PamDidner
    Global Content Marketing Strategist, Author, Adjunct Instructor
    I once saw Pam speak where she thanked the A/V staff by name. Details, people!

    Pawan Deshpande
    Pawan Deshpande – @TweetsFromPawan
    CEO of Curata
    Pawan is pure SaaS company entrepreneur.

    Robert Rose
    Robert Rose – @Robert_Rose
    Content Marketing Strategist, Author
    Robert is a multi-talented marketer, speaker and has a mean resting bitch face.

    Jon Miller
    Jon Miller – @jonmiller
    CEO and Co-Founder at Engagio
    Rocket scientist? Meh, Jon is a serial entrepreneur: Epiphany, Marketo and now Engagio.

    Alex Cheeseman
    Alex Cheeseman – @mralexcheeseman
    Head of International Strategy at NewsCred
    I don’t know Alex, but he’s sporting an amazing beard. MwB FTW!

    Todd Wheatland
    Todd Wheatland – @ToddWheatland
    Global Head of Strategy at King Content
    Todd, what happened to the top of your head, mate? Congrats Mr. Money.

    Ekaterina Walter
    Ekaterina Walter – @Ekaterina
    Global Evangelist at Sprinklr, Author
    One letter: E.

    C.C. Chapman
    C.C. Chapman – @cc_chapman
    Marketing Consultant, Author, Photographer
    C.C. was on the front line when all the fun started – thank you Sir!

    Brian Clark
    Brian Clark – @brianclark
    Founder and CEO of Rainmaker Digital
    Brian is a recovering attorney and digital media empire builder

    Neil Patel
    Neil Patel
    Co-Founder of Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics
    I first met Neil in 2006 when he was writing on the Pronet Advertising blog.

    Chris Brogan
    Chris Brogan – @chrisbrogan
    CEO at Owner Media Group, Author
    Chris is a pioneer of the social web, all around entrepreneur and helper of people.

    Sonia Simone
    Sonia Simone – @soniasimone
    Founding Partner and Chief Content Officer Copyblogger Media
    Sonia is a rocket science smart marketer with cool hair.

    Darren Rowse
    Darren Rowse – @problogger
    Blogger, Speaker, Author, Podcaster and Online Entrepreneur
    Darren is “the” professional blogger with a hint of hair and an awesome accent.

    Jonny Rose
    Jonny Rose – @98rosjon
    Head of Content at idio
    What Jonny lacks in head hair, he makes up for in beard and marketing skills. MwB FTW!

    Shane Snow
    Shane Snow – @shanesnow
    Journalist, geek, author and Co-Founder of Contently
    Shane’s hair is nearly as impressive as his writing skills.

    Maria Pergolino
    Maria Pergolino – @InboundMarketer
    Senior Vice President, Marketing at Apttus
    Maria was “inbound” before Halligan and Shah knew what it was. Almost.

    Kristi Hines
    Kristi Hines – @kikolani
    Freelance writer
    Kristi writes the marketing web with style.

    Matt Heinz
    Matt Heinz – @HeinzMarketing
    President at Heinz Marketing
    Don’t let the boyish smile fool you, Matt has killer content capabilities.

    Justin Gray
    Justin Gray – @Jgraymatter
    CEO at LeadMD, CMO at PaidSuite and Partner at Greyson Organics
    Justin is one of the few marketers on the list I don’t know and it looks like he does everything.

    Chad Pollitt
    Chad Pollitt – @ChadPollitt
    Co-Founder, VP of Audience at Relevance, Author, Adjunct Professor
    What else is there to say but that Chad is an active member of the semi-secret society, Marketers with Beards.

    Congratulations to this fine group of content marketers for being named by LinkedIn as “Sophisticated Content Marketing Thought Leaders to Follow”.

    Of course this list could be 100+ by adding content marketing smarties like: Rebecca Lieb, Mark Schaefer, Carla Johnson, Jay Baer, Amanda Maksymiw, Carlos Abler, Amy Higgins, Tim Washer, Jeannine Rossignol, Ruth Stevens, Carlos Hidalgo, Albert Jan Huisman, Ahava Leibtag, David Beebe, Amanda Todorovich, Rand Fishkin, Marcus Sheridan, Arnie Kuenn, Scott Abel, Chris Moody, Adele Revella, Jesse Noyes, Julie Fleischer, Joe Chernov, Jeff Rohrs and Stephanie Losee to name just a few.

    Which additional content marketers would you add to the list?

    Be sure to check out the full 108 page ebook, Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to Content Marketing for 2016 here:

    Sophisticated Marketer's Guide to Content Marketing

    And if you need professional advice on content marketing strategy, content planning and promotion – talk to us at TopRank Marketing Content Marketing Services.