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Channel Your Internal Marketing Warrior: 4 Tips for Strengthening Your Marketing Plan

Posted on May 15th, 2012
Written by TopRank Marketing
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  • Channel Your Internal Marketing Warrior: 4 Tips for Strengthening Your Marketing Plan
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    Release Your Internal Marketing Warrior

    In March of this year I made a decision: I wanted to get healthier.  The problem I have always faced is that I didn’t see the point of exercise, just for the sake of exercise.  Treadmills and stationary bicycles never did much for me, but I was looking for a way to regain some focus and start down a healthier path.

    About a month ago I spoke with my good friend Ali who had recently started a training program to become a yoga instructor.  She convinced me to attend a class with her and I even though I’ve done yoga before, this was an entirely new experience.  After 75 minutes in a sweltering room (enduring one of the toughest workouts I’ve had in a while) the strangest thing happened. I felt stronger, lighter, and more focused.

    Many times as marketers we get caught up in daily tasks and lose focus of what is really important.  When we lose focus, we may become uninspired, lazy, and complacent.  It is undoubtedly just as difficult, yet as essential, to breath new life into our marketing plans as it is to jumpstart our bodies.  The question is: where do we begin on the road to creating a “healthier” internet marketing strategy?

    4 Tips For Strengthening Your Internet Marketing Plan

    # 1- Become An Agent of Change – Don’t be Afraid to Try New Things
    Fear consumes many people both personally and professionally.  A fear of failing or disappointment can often lead to a stagnant and uninspired plan for dominance on the web.   Instead of allowing fear to make an appearance, instead recognize that mistakes will be made, but they will be a learning experience. What are some changes you can begin implementing today?

    • Surveys of existing customers
    • Develop different ways of communicating with your audience (blog posts, social media outreach)
    • Ask questions of industry thought leaders
    • Join new virtual groups on LinkedIn
    • Begin attending more events locally to gain industry insight

    # 2- The Journey Is Just As Important As the Destination – Just Make Sure You Document
    Along the way to creating your “perfect” internet marketing plan, there is a lot to learn.  Remembering that the journey leads to our destination will put us in the right frame of mind to learn from the experience.  As you’re making mistakes or experiencing success it is essential that you document the steps that you took to get there.

    # 3 – Take Some Time to Breathe – Step Back and Survey the Situation
    A true marketer knows that our industry is a very customer-centric business. Without our customers we wouldn’t have jobs.  It can become very easy to fall into time sucking tactics that may only put us further behind.  Before jumping head first into the newest social media platform or marketing tactic take some time to ask a few questions:

    • Who will we target with this approach?
    • What will be our core messaging or strategy?
    • Why should we include this tactic?
    • How will my team accomplish this tactic and how will this benefit my customers?
    • How much will this cost in both time and money?

    # 4 – Have An Open Mind – Brainstorm With Your Team Regularly
    Collaboration with fellow team members can be of benefit to all parties involved.  Not only will collaboration open up new ideas, but it will also improve buy-in from other associates.  If you’re in an internet marketing rut, or just looking to breathe that new life into your plans to dominate the search and social web, be aware of the resources you may already have at your disposal.

    All of the tactics mentioned above will lend themselves to creating a stronger, more cohesive marketing plan.  At one time or another, most of us have faced a situation where we knew our plan wasn’t working, but weren’t exactly sure how to fix it.  I hope that these tactics will become part of a stronger plan and give you the jumpstart you need to get on the road to internet marketing success.

    I’m curious to know what experience you have had as a marketer attempting to breathe new life into and strengthen your internet marketing plans?  What were some of your biggest obstacles and what was the most important lesson you learned?