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5 Internet Marketing Haikus from TopRank

Posted on Apr 24th, 2009
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    In an online world that increasingly values the 140 character message, keeping campaigns, strategies and tactics short and sweet is the best approach for engaging audiences. To celebrate the succinct, we’ve created the following search marketing Haikus for your weekend reading pleasure. Enjoy!

    [Note from Lee: I edited some of these so any of these that are bad would be my fault. The good Haikus are all Dana and Ashley.]

    Search Engine Optimization
    sem haiku

    Social Media

    Blog Marketing
    Post great ideas - Join and share conversations - Be useful get links

    Online PR

    Email Marketing
    Put trust in email - Spam in can, not in inbox - Clean lists convert best

    Feel free to share your own Haiku or any other search-inspired poetry, and keep the creative juices flowing!

    [Photo credits go to: shapeshift, TahoeSunsets, Juliana S. ]