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7 Influential Software Marketers Creating Great Content (& Where You Can Find it)

Posted on Apr 11th, 2016
Written by TopRank Marketing
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  • 7 Influential Software Marketers Creating Great Content (& Where You Can Find it)
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    How often have you met someone that walks the walk, but can’t quite talk the talk? Chances are, we’ve all encountered marketers that fit that bill. Fortunately, there are many influential marketers that are consistently creating great content that showcases their expertise.

    Upwards of 60% of B2B marketers have stated that creating engaging content is their top challenge. However, that does not seem to be an issue for the rockstars on this list.

    This is by no means a complete list, but merely a sample of how some of today’s most influential software marketers that are putting their content where their expertise is.

    Michael Gerard

    Michael Gerard

    Chief Marketing Officer, Curata

    Michael is the CMO for Curata and has been in this position for nearly three years. In his role, he is responsible for the brand’s marketing strategy as well as activities including brand building, lead generation and sales enablement. 

    Where Can You Find Michael’s Content?

    Michael spends his time writing for many reputable website across the web including Content Marketing InstituteSocial Media TodayMarketingProfs and Content Marketing Forum

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    Steve Rayson

    Steve Rayson

    Director, BuzzSumo

    Steve is passionate about influencer marketing and has been a Director at BuzzSumo for just over two years. In his time at BuzzSumo, he has done a lot to help spread the word about their innovative product and spends much of his time creating content about best practices. 

    Where Can You Find Steve’s Content?

    Steve is a content machine! You can find his articles and VERY in-depth research on the BuzzSumo blog

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    Kristen Matthews

    Kristen Matthews

    Marketing Director, GroupHigh

    Kristen is a fantastic force of nature. Everything from her weekly email blasts to blog posts and her work organizing GroupHigh’s virtual conferences are all impressive. She develops content for prospective clients and current clients in her role at GroupHigh. 

    Where Can You Find Kristen’s Content?

    Kristen creates a significant amount of the content on GroupHigh’s blog and also frequently contributes to Jay Baer’s Convince and Convert blog. 

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    Katie Martell

    Katie Martell

    Co-Founder & CMO, Cintell

    Katie has built a very successful career in a seemingly short amount of time. Her drive has taken her through positions such as a Media Strategist, Director of Buzz, Manager of Content and Communications and finally to her current position as the Co-Founder and CMO of Cintell. Her message is that of a very customer-centric approach to marketing which all marketers should perk up and listen to. 

    Where Can You Find Katie’s Content?

    Katie writes mostly about creating customer personas on the Cintell blog. She can also be found addressing her perspective on the issues that women face in business on her personal website.

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    Julie Zisman

    Julie Zisman

    Head of Marketing, Little Bird

    Julie’s experience is impressive to say the least. She has worked in many different capacities as a marketer and has developed her expertise in past positions at companies like Oracle and IBM. Currently she is the Head of Marketing at Little Bird and has shown success in lead acquisition, management, brand and product marketing and media relations. 

    Where Can You Find Julie’s Content?

    Julie’s content can be found mostly on the Little Bird blog and covers many aspects of influencer marketing.  

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    Hana Abaza

    Hana Abaza 2

    VP of Marketing, Uberflip

    Hana is no stranger to software startups. In fact, she was the Co-Founder of two companies: Republic Inc. and Snapable. In her current role as the VP of Marketing for Uberflip, Hana dug right in and has been creating content, speaking and presenting webinars on behalf of the quickly growing platform.  

    Where Can You Find Hana’s Content?

    Hana has written many posts for Huffington Post and contributes often to Uberflip’s own blog

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    Sanjay Dholakia

    Sanjay Dholakia

    CMO, Marketo

    Sanjay has been the CMO for one of the largest marketing automation brands for just over four years. In his role at Marketo, Sanjay is responsible for driving marketing operations, developing business segments and much more. 

    Where Can You Find Sanjay’s Content?

    In addition to creating content regularly for Marketo’s blog, Sanjay often contributes to Marketing Land as well. 

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    Which of These Awesome Marketing Content Creators “Spoke” Most to You?

    Each company and individuals within a company have different needs. It could be that you’re looking to focus your attention on influencer marketing, or perhaps begin developing personas for your target customers. Which of the software marketing content creators listed above provided you the most insight?

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