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A Blog Publishing Story

Posted on Feb 27th, 2005
Written by Lee Odden
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    My pop was showing me how he has been documenting the history of Holdingford, the small central Minnesota town he lives in (think Lake Wobegon) scanning in town council meeting minutes since 1897, documenting businesses that existed, city council members and city officials in a spreadsheet and also interviewing “old timers” recording the audio on his Mac and scanning in photos. It’s a pretty ambitious project, even for a small town.

    My dad has always been very progressive regarding computers and Internet so we talked about how he could publish all this information he’s collecting.

    A web site is logical, but with all the effort he’s going through, it seems the process would be as interesting as the outcome.

    I’m encouraging him to start a blog and to start posting his efforts online. Photos, podcast some of the interviews, etc. To be honest, done correctly and creatively as he undoubtedly will, it could be a lot of fun and maybe even a book of some kind.

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